Great value personalised wall art


I have been looking for some good value personalised wall art for our playroom for a while. I say playroom because it is where the children play and actually it's where my husband and his friends play … [Continue reading]

What does a 9 year old know about money? (We asked Frankie…)

9 year old know about money

Frankie is my son and he is 9. I am expecting him to know a thing or two about money....let's see How much pocket money do you get Frankie?  £2 Is that enough ? No because things are … [Continue reading]

Gorgeous Washable Cool Stripes Rug from Esprit

cool stripes rug, esprit rug, washable rug

Isn't this washable rug just gorgeous!It's called Cool Stripes in Turquoise and its from Esprit. I am do in love with it's bright pretty colours and it has just zinged up our all white … [Continue reading]

Go Ape at Sherwood Pines


We spent last Sunday on a day out at Go Ape at Sherwood Pines sponsored by Vimto. I couldn't climb due to to some health issues but my hubby and kids had a go on their junior tree tops course. … [Continue reading]

Mini Hornit Review

mini hornit

We have been reviewing the Mini Hornit and I can't wait to show you our little is so much fun  (sorry I filmed it  the wrong way around I always do this and never realise till I … [Continue reading]

5 Baby Items that are Worth the Investment


    When you are pregnant, you find that people left, right and centre are trying to tell you what you do and don’t need for when your baby arrives. The problem is, if you did buy every single … [Continue reading]

Does it cost you £40 a week to feed your child?


The NatWest Child Cost Calculator ( is an interactive tool with collective data revealing the cost … [Continue reading]

Paddington Bear Bread


What? Yes that right.... Paddington bear and bread. If you cross Britain's best loved bear with its best loved bread you get  Warbeartons (instead of  Warburtons) Clever eh! I love Paddington … [Continue reading]

The bead and button company


I have always loved crafting with my children and was absolutely delighted to be asked to review the bead and button company. I had so much fun choosing elastic and ribbon, card toppers, … [Continue reading]

Summer Maternity Wear: Top Styles for 2014


Being pregnant isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone when the summer season takes hold and humidity is at its peak. Carrying a few extra pounds because of a growing baby can make you extremely … [Continue reading]

The secrets of being a happy mum

The secrets of being a happy mum

Here I am with some other wonderful parent bloggers sharing my secrets to being a happy mum for netmums. The other bloggers involved were.... Emily Leary Ellie Aindow Jaime Oliver Lucy … [Continue reading]

Turn Your Love of Babies into Your Own Business


If you have a love for babies and you want to start your own business, you have landed on one of the industries that is always in growth. The reason for this is because parents are always having new … [Continue reading]

My day of saying ThankYou #BigLittleThanks

Thank you

As a nation, Brits are renowned for knowing how to ‘mind their P’s and Q’s’ – however research released today by Philips has shown that in fact UK residents are forgetting to say thank you … [Continue reading]

What does an 8 year old know about money? (We asked R)

what does an 8 year old know about money

Well it's the turn of 8 year old R to tell us what he knows about money this week.  R's mummy is Chris from Thinly Spread blog. She is a charity campaigner and a Free Spirit. Check out the answer … [Continue reading]