Great map wallpaper for kids


Decorating kids rooms comes with all sorts of challenges; you want to make a space they will really love, but you need to do it without firstly spending a fortune, and secondly using a design they … [Continue reading]

When I #imagine2030 it is full of kindness


Sightsavers are asking everyone to #Imagine2030 and would love to hear parents perspectives. Why are they doing this? They are doing this because this year, world leaders are setting poverty … [Continue reading]

The 3 top reasons bloggers should embrace Pinterest

reasons blogger should embrace Pinterest

Pinterest is fabulous for everyone  and it is undoubtedly my favourite search engine. I would highly recommend it to bloggers however as one form of socil media it is well worth spending time on … [Continue reading]

Summer fashion from Trespass

trespass shorts

We have been looking forward to the summer now for quite some time and I excitedly zipped up to the attic a few weeks ago to dig out the children's summer clothes. Unfortunately (well it is a good … [Continue reading]

Lego Play and a Parenting Confession


Lego play is big in our house. My kids are absolutely huge Lego fans and have been for a long time. My daughter began her Lego love affair with Lego friends sets.  When she began this … [Continue reading]

Preparing for your financial future


How good are you at preparing for your financial future? Sometimes we find it hard to even plan our money for the summer holidays let alone save up for a future that is hard to imagine. But it is, … [Continue reading]

Post Pregnancy Toning

Post pregnancy toning

Looking after your self post pregnancy is often the last thing on your mind as you cuddle your new born and try to get to grips with your new life. Battling your baby weight may be top of your list … [Continue reading]

Cosy Spring Knits

I love that the sun has started to seep through the grey and the flowers have decided to wake up at last. It just makes you feel so much happier doesn't it. I am sure people are smiling more, … [Continue reading]

How to spring clean around kids

how to spring clean around kids

It's that time of year isn't it. The sofa covers need a good wash and air, cobwebs need tackling and cupboards need bottoming (such a  funny phrase.)  Spring cleaning helps us fall in love with our … [Continue reading]

The simple way to find quality second hand bargains

habitat cushions

What do you think of buying things second hand? I am all for it myself; cheaper prices, you are recycling and a recoup of money spent for the sellers. Its a win-win-win situation. Trouble is … [Continue reading]

5 ways to teach children to be responsible about money

Piggy bank. 3d render

I truly believe that a sound financial education starts young. It is very important that children learn to be responsible about money  learn the value of money and good attitudes to money as they … [Continue reading]

Tips for easy family budgeting


Do you find family  budgeting easy? Nope, me neither. I still don't find it easy despite writing about personal finance and managing money over several years. I make a budget each month for … [Continue reading]

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher

Who is my most cleverest quiz loving reader? My dear friend Anne  had cancer last year and is now fit and well (hurray!). she wants to give something back to Maggie's the cancer support service at … [Continue reading]

Where to go in the UK for Summer Sun


I’ll start with a disclaimer, anyone who is familiar with the UK will know that sun, no matter what time of the year, can never be guaranteed. However, now that the winter is letting up we are all … [Continue reading]