Disposable Income Levels and Employment


If you work you will have a higher disposable income level, right? Well actually it isn't that simple.   In 2014 the average salary in the UK was £26,500. According to research at … [Continue reading]

Wonderful savings on health and beauty at Chemist Direct


When I was asked if I would like to review some products from Chemist Direct I have to be honest and say I didn't jump with delight. I had visions of vapor rub and headache tablets tumbling through … [Continue reading]

Beautiful engagement rings on a budget


What is your engagement story? Mine is pretty romantic. J told me to dress as if we were going to Derby and pack for 2 nights away. I have to say I like Derby but didn't think that sounded like the … [Continue reading]

Vegetarian Cumberland Pie

cumberland pie

I do love my food. I also, as regular readers will know well, really hate waste of any kind, particularly food waste. Wasting food makes me really sad and wherever I can I try and reduce this. … [Continue reading]

Votive Happiness Box Set


Oh I was just so delighted to received the Votive Happiness Box set from Yankee Candle to review. I am  big fan of lovely candles and Yankee Candles never ever disappoint. This was just gorgeous … [Continue reading]

Being thankful can stop you shopping

being thankful

A crucial part of being happy on a budget is to value what you have already rather than thinking you need more in order to feel happy. Being thankful and expressing your thanks is a really good way of … [Continue reading]

January treasures and thrifty pleasures

thrifty  pleasures

So inspired by the lovely Sonia at This Mummy Loves  blog I thought today I would share my week on instagram with you too and show you what thriftiness has been going on chez moi. Well we have … [Continue reading]

How we got on in the family sugar swap challenge

poached eggs

For 6 weeks before Christmas  Public Health England partnered up with Netmums and Reading University to deliver a ‘Family Sugar Challenge’. A unique activity that involved 50 families over a six … [Continue reading]

Eden Hall Day Spa Manicure and Pedicure


Last Friday I went to Eden Hall day Spa in Nottinghamshire with a couple of my blogger friends to review their lovely facilities and beauty packages. Now despite being a thrifty blogger I really do … [Continue reading]

2 easy ways to save over £250 through your water usuage


A recent survey was carried out on water usage in UK homes. It looked at several areas where people could save money and water. There are some significant savings to be had. Here are a few examples … [Continue reading]

5 BRILLIANT ways to encourage your child to read

encourage your child to read

I have been sent these fabulous tips on encouraging children to read and I think they are just spot on. I am so excited to share them with you....... 1. Make reading a part of your family life … [Continue reading]

Free Pop ArtPad App for Creative Kids

pop artpad app

My kids both got tablets for Christmas (how lucky were they!) and I am really trying to encourage them to use them creatively and not just for games.Tablets can be a great way to develop artistic … [Continue reading]

What can you cook with Quorn ?

quorn logo

You can't get a much better endorsement for a health food product than by a top athlete.  Have a look at this... I have been a Quorn fan for years and as a family of vegetarians we eat it … [Continue reading]

Donna Wilson designs at Mamas & Papas


Oh I just love it when beautiful quality, gorgeous design and great value merge. I've always know you can be stylish on a budget and Mamas and Paps have always done stylish and baby items … [Continue reading]