Rewilding – what is it all about?

30 days of rewilding Iris Murdoch

Lucy AitkenRead (author and blogger at Lulastic) is a woman who lives as she believes. She inspires others through her writing and by her example. I think she is pretty fantastic actually. She has … [Continue reading]

My first Spa – science for kids

my first spa

I  have to be honest and admit I am a little scared of science. I was always bodging experiments in Chemistry, getting completely lost in physics and  refusing to chop things up in biology. I sighed … [Continue reading]

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Child-Care Provider


When it comes to choosing child care, there are many different options to pick from. From hiring a nanny or other in-home care, to selecting a child-care centre or family day-care facility, there are … [Continue reading]

Alternative Borrowing Options For New Families

2 babies

With the squeeze on household incomes continuing to eat into new families’ finances many young families are finding it difficult to save money, and in some cases to even cover their day-to-day … [Continue reading]

Nerf super soaker floodfire blaster


Some of our best fun this summer is when we have simply just played. Not the big day trips or the expensive trips to the cinema, elaborate camping set ups in the garden or open air theatre. Nope none … [Continue reading]

Make someone smile – Balance transfer your life


You know that epic feeling when you finally clear a debt. Financially, this can be achieved by making a balance transfer and knowing the increased interest is gone. Feels good doesn't … [Continue reading]

Curing travel sickness

cure travel sickness

If you or your children are suffering from travel sickness, then you’ll know how unpleasant it can be. Cold sweat, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting are only some forms this nasty ailment can take. … [Continue reading]

Back to school supplies

magic tap

This week I have been sent some fab stationery by 3M. When I say I, obviously I mean my kids, I wouldn't dream of pinching it (ahem)! The 3M Back to School Stationery Essentials Pack includes the … [Continue reading]

ParkLives free local activities for all the family


I was invited this week to try out a a ParkLives session of my choice with my daughter in Nottingham. I have to be honest I had no clue what ParkLives session was so I hopped over to the ParkLives … [Continue reading]

What would you do with a large inheritance?


I doubt it is ever going to happen to me as I have no rich older relatives but I do wonder what people do who receive large inheritances. Those I know who have  received such inheritances have usually … [Continue reading]

How many people are still paying for last Christmas?


Summers end is in site and I have heard Christmas mentioned a few times recently (yep really!) but you'll never believe how many people are still paying off LAST Christmas! GetPaidTo’s … [Continue reading]

Gameband + Minecraft Review


This summer we have been lucky enough to have been given a Gameband + Minecraft to review. I have  to tell you straight off Minecraft goes pretty much over my head but I know my kids love it … [Continue reading]