Quentin Blake’s A Christmas Carol


I absolutely adore the very talented Quentin Blake. Instantly recognisable and so appealing his pictures are elegantly simple and full of life, quirky and heartwarming.  Oh to be able to draw like … [Continue reading]

The most hackable Christmas gifts and how to protect them


Intel Security has recently undertaken some enlightening research looking at the most hackable gifts this Christmas. The research has revealed that unsurprisingly perhaps Smartphones and Tablets … [Continue reading]

Weekly Dates for your Diary Christmas Infographic

Perfect Home Christmas Infographic NO BF lr-01

Are you starting to panic about Christmas. It is December next week and I need to stop saying oh it is ages away...loads of time...nothing to worry about. it really is just around the corner. I am … [Continue reading]

Presents to keep forever

lego frineds hotel

When I was 4 years old I longed for a tiny tears doll. My friend had one and I used to wish so hard that one day I would have a baby doll just like hers. She cried real tears and you could give her … [Continue reading]

The little things I love about Christmas


#MakeTheirChristmas is  the Christmas campaign by Littlewoods focused on what little things you love about Christmas. It has set me thinking about the little things I love about Christmas and oh my … [Continue reading]

Handy saving tips for families


We are constantly bombarded with tips and ideas on how to save money. While we are all aware that times are tough some of the tips can be rather patronising. “Cook more meals”, “Switch off your … [Continue reading]

Free Marvel fun for kids


I  love to find free games and activities for my kids online don't you?  It saves money and keeps them entertained. Sometimes though you can search for ages and not find any quality sites that will … [Continue reading]

Experiences bring more joy than possessions


I have been reading a lot about happiness recently and most of the research  seems to agree on one key issue...experiences bring more happiness than possessions.     Happiness by … [Continue reading]

Why we MUST wash soft toys


This is orang-utan He is a much loved, much cuddled, well travelled bear who lives in our house. He most certainly needs a wash. Do you have someone like that living in your house? ‘Care … [Continue reading]

Make your home a castle

home and garden

We all want our homes to be secure strongholds to protect our families. That’s why our ancestors built forts to guard against invasion, complete with moats, draw bridges and towers to keep them safe … [Continue reading]

Gorgeous Girls Clothes at Vertbaudet this Winter


Vertbaudet does French chic for kids at the most excellent prices and they have some lovely winter outfits. I absolutely love this vibrant outfit . The colours would really jazz up a bleak winter … [Continue reading]

What to consider when choosing a car finance deal


Thinking about buying a new car on finance? The wide rage of finance deals can be confusing, so I’ve compiled a handy guide of things to consider when choosing a car finance deal. Take time to … [Continue reading]