How to increase a child’s positive attitude

increase positivity

As a children's psychotherapist I knew that one of the single most powerful contributing factors to emotional wellbeing is to look positively at life. To see your triumphs and acknowledge them however … [Continue reading]

eKAVACH Parental Control App – For our future generation


Featured post eKAVACH is India’s comprehensive and  secure parental control app that provides a safe and an enriching environment  for our  future generations. With the rampant increase in mobility … [Continue reading]

A precious moment in time


I have been challenged by  photobox to create a post around one of my most precious moments. When I had my baby boy Franklyn, my first born,  he was whisked away within a moment. Super small at … [Continue reading]

How will I know if my baby has vision problems?


As a parent, it may be confusing to know what’s normal with your baby’s eye development and if everything is ok with your baby’s vision. All parents want to make sure their babies are healthy. If … [Continue reading]

CosmEthics An easy way to find non toxic products for children


I am really excited to introduce you to the  CosmEthics app (available on iOS and Android) it is rather fabulous! It enables users to get a quick understanding of cosmetic products’ ingredients, … [Continue reading]

Garden dilemma: Sport vs Flowers


It's goallllll! I can hear giggles and squeals and the sound of thundering feet and I know the kids are happy. Music to my ears. But then I can also hear ..... Sigh. Humph. Moan. Moan, Moan. … [Continue reading]

Top five tips for easing into the school routine.

top five tips for easing into the school routine.

As part of the Back to School #TipsAndTricks campaign for M&S Kids I was asked to come up with my top five tips for easing into the school routine. Hmm..I have been doing the school run for 6 … [Continue reading]

Great value girls dresses from Vertbaudet

purple cardigan

As I am sure you know by now I love a bit of thrifty fashion. Vertbaudet never disappoints they have beautiful clothes and rather lovely prices too. My kids always get complimented when wearing … [Continue reading]

Half Pint Chic Designer kids clothes on a budget


I really like my children to wear lovely clothes but as kids grow so fast I really don't like having to spend too much on their clothes. I have recently had the pleasure of reviewing some clothes … [Continue reading]

Name labels you can trust (and a 2 x £20 voucher giveaway)

button tag

Stuck on You sell a huge range of personalised products and mane labels that are just SO good for parents who want to minimise  missing items! They have a new range of Write On Labels that are perfect … [Continue reading]

Fabulous Flip Flops


I love to wear flip  flops, they are just so summery and casual and they make my feel feel so free. I do think they are just the loveliest type of summer footwear. I am not a strappy sandals type. I … [Continue reading]

10 benefits of villa holidays for families

pool at hen

We have just returned from reviewing a gorgeous villa in the Algarve from Villas 4 You. We had such an amazing trip and the villa was wonderful. You can read over at Family Budgeting about our … [Continue reading]