Where to go in the UK for Summer Sun


I’ll start with a disclaimer, anyone who is familiar with the UK will know that sun, no matter what time of the year, can never be guaranteed. However, now that the winter is letting up we are all … [Continue reading]

What would change about how you look?


Theoretically I know that their is huge benefits to just embracing and accepting who we are. But I will be honest. If I could change one or two things then I most definitely wouldIf you could … [Continue reading]

Safer sleep guidelines for babies


I used to worry about my babies when they were sleeping. I used to get so much conflicting advice of grandparents, friends, the internet and other mums. In the end I relied solely on my midwife to … [Continue reading]

Nutmeg: a different way to save


Nutmeg is a simple way to manage savings online and it's aim is to help people make the most of their savings. Based on information you provide they build and manage a portfolio for you. They aim … [Continue reading]

Kano Review


My son is 10 and loves computers and had been doing some coding at school using Scratch., He also loves Lego and building things and even goes to an after school Lego club. So when I was asked if he … [Continue reading]

Hygro towels that stay soft and fluffy


  A new range of towels have been launched by Tesco and they are rather lovely! They are made using Hygro technology  a spinning technique that creates a hollow fibre, trapping and … [Continue reading]

Do you think about fair trade when you shop?


Is fair trade something you think about when you shop? I have to admit it is not something I tend to think about when I go shopping I go for good value over pretty much everything. But I do believe … [Continue reading]

The perfect guide to breakfast in bed


I had a lovely parcel this morning from Roberts bakery Breakfast in bed is such a lovely treat (and a thrifty one!) I am going to leave it somewhere OBVIOUS on Sunday set the alarm on my … [Continue reading]

How to use Pinterest as a research library

Pinterest use

I use Pinterest in so many ways  but one of my favourite ways to use it is to research new ideas. I have two areas I am researching at the moment on Pinterest. Firstly we are going to the … [Continue reading]

Vertbaudet Spring 2015

Vertbaudet Spring

I have seen the sunshine, the crocus are all through and we have booked our summer holiday...Spring is most definitely in the air. My children are growing rapidly and nothing from last year is … [Continue reading]

Making extra money: what can you do in addition to the day job?

coin purse

  In today’s economy, a lot of people might feel as though they are not able to earn enough in the job that they do during the day, and as a result of this may be struggling to pay the bills … [Continue reading]

Acupuncture awareness week; My experience


This week is acupuncture awareness week and I was offered a complimentary treatment in exchange for an honest and open review. My great friend Ruth (Dorkymum) had suggested this a year ago when I … [Continue reading]

Dino Tales Review


Dino Tales has been created by Kuato Studios and is a rather wonderful storytelling and natural history app for children. It is aimed at kids 4-10 years old. It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod … [Continue reading]

Girls Uninterrupted: Steps for building stronger girls

debenhams kids clothes

Girls Uninterrupted shows the practical strategies you need to create a carefree childhood for your daughters and ultimately help build them into the healthy, resilient women they deserve to … [Continue reading]