Review: Taming The Tiger Parent

Taming cover

I have just read a brilliant new parenting book called Taming the Tiger Parent  by Tanith Carey which was published this week. A few years ago  I read the very scary Battle of Hymn of the Tiger … [Continue reading]

Rear facing Car Seats from Cybex

Aton Q, £185 - CYBEX

Rear facing car seats were rare when my two were small but are increasingly more common due to their additional safety. Here are three beauties from Cybex.   Solution Q-Fix: Based on the … [Continue reading]

A Go Chef Twitter Party

The Go Chef is pretty impressive! GoChef is an 8-in-1 cooker – you can boil, sauté, fry, fondue, slow cook, steam, bake and roast all in one bowl.   On Tuesday  September 16th at … [Continue reading]

Playing supermarkets with Shopkins


My kids have always loved to play with tiny little characters...we have had Gogos, trash packs, Moshi monsters and now we have Shopkins.  Shopkins are sweet little characters that live in a … [Continue reading]

The Best Cash Drawer for Your iPad POS System


I suppose as a thrifty blogger money and it's transactions is bound to interest me. Even little kids love to play with cash registers don't they? I think they love the ting of them and the … [Continue reading]

Budget Beauty Buys

budget beauty buys

I love beauty products but cannot afford to buy top brand names. This doesn't bother me at all however because their are some amazing budget beauty items out there. I have recently been trying out … [Continue reading]

What does a 13 year old know about money?


  An interview with  Sam,  age 13  about money. Sam is Helen (from The Crazy Kitchen)  son Do you get pocket money? No Do you think that is enough? Yes, because I don’t need money … [Continue reading]

They grow up so fast

frankie and lisis

Oh the times I heard the phrase they grow up so fast when I was knee deep in nappies and covered in mango puree and just wanted to laugh! But looking a my children now ages 7 and 10  I realized that … [Continue reading]

What’s your best #thriftyfamily saving tip (you could win £100!)

Scottish Friendly have teamed up with Louie Spence to launch the #ThriftyFamily campaign. Louie will be demonstrating some of his favourite money saving tips with a series of videos I love that … [Continue reading]

Buying children’s books on a budget

lisi reading

My children love to read. People tell me I am lucky that they love to read but I tell them it was a bit more planned than that. Books have given me untold pleasure throughout my life. They have … [Continue reading]

The family home with no kitchen


You have to watch this.... it's so funny but really thought provoking and a call to action. My granny was a cookery teacher and taught my mum and her sisters to cook as children. She became very … [Continue reading]

5 simple ways to get your child interested in cooking


In these days where processed food is so quick cheap and convenient rising obesity levels and poor diet reflects how it really is not so good for us. We need to encourage the next generation to cook … [Continue reading]

10 tips for saving money with a family

3 £20 notes in a jar

With the cost of raising a child until their 21st birthday rising to £225,000, it is clear that as a family, we need to budget more. Starting a family, or adding to your family comes with many … [Continue reading]

The cost of running a home today


The cost of running a home can just feel all too much can't it? Does it get you down. I find by organizing myself and my budget really well we manage on what we have but I really do have to keep on … [Continue reading]