4 great value toys for endless play

Toys for endless play

Some toys are worth every single penny you spend on them because they give hours and hours of play and their enjoyment lasts a very long time.

I’m not talking about character toys that can go out of favour quickly …how frustrating is that!

No I  am thinking about toys that children return to again and again, never tire of  and can use in many different ways . Here are my top four.

1. Tennis balls



4 for £3 off Amazon and just bags of play potential. Children can start by rolling and manoeuvring. learning to catch and throw, playing rounders, cricket and tennis, plus endless ball games against a wall. Probably the best value toy EVER!


2. Play food and trolley £19 from ToysRus

Play food got so much play in our house. My children would pretend to cook for me and bring me food again and again. They would set up shops and role play. They learned about money through ‘selling’ me items. They zipped teddies about in the trolley and they created stories.


3. Paper

5 reams of paper is going to last you forever!

At £17.59 for Argos for 5 reams this is an investment in creativity. Paper can  be drawn on, painted on, collaged on. It can be used for splatter art, straw art, sketching and ink drawing. You can make paper into flowers, paper aeroplanes, paper hats and boats. You can make Chinese lanterns, a row of paper dolls and paper chains. You can write wonderfully daft poems and great stories or you can just practice your spellings or forming letters. Paper is magic.


4. Dolls

These dolls are £10 from Hush Hush who do flash sales of toys, homeware and clothes so you can really grab a good deal. I have chosen dolls because of their versatility and life span. My daughter bathes her dolls, takes them for a walk in a buggy, role plays with them (such as schools /shops, plays out stories with them and even reads to them and has been doing so with the same dolls, but in increasingly sophisticated ways, over a good few years.

So before you buy a toy it is well worth considering the variety of ways it can be played with as well as the cost.



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