The 5 biggest issues about moving house and how to deal with them

So what are the biggest issues about moving house

Moving house is one of the most anxiety-ridden life experiences anyone can go through. Research presented by The Scotsman revealed that the process ranks highly as one of modern life’s most unpleasant events.

What makes this traumatic event different from most is that, more often than not, it’s done out of choice. Thankfully, this means that it’s possible to prepare yourself for even the most stressful aspects of the situation, and be better equipped if something surprising springs up.


Packing and moving

The biggest problem facing most people moving house is often the packing process. For starters, as long as you continue living in your “old” house, the task of boxing up everyday items will be extremely difficult. Even with that challenge complete, you still face the real life Tetris challenge of trying to fit everything you own into a moving van.

Professional moving companies can make the process easier, as long as you use a reliable service provider. Unfortunately, some removal companies may carry out specialised work, such as moving large or heavy items, without the requisite training and potentially damage items or the property itself. Look out for markers of quality, such as trustworthy testimonials or professional accreditations including .

At the same time, you should also make sure you’re not going to be spending more than necessary or wasting too much time trying to find the right firm for you. AnyVan have a unique system that connects users with local removal companies in their area and allows them to receive no obligation quotes and view verified user reviews. Similarly, TaskRabbit, the online skilled-task marketplace, offers a straightforward process for hiring professional house movers from a vast network with transparent pricing.

Seeing all of your worldly goods condensed to fit into a van is often an overwhelming experience. Getting professional help can minimise the stress of this estranging and emotional time.


Getting the timing right

Moving house doesn’t happen suddenlyZoopla state that the average house sale takes between six and ten weeks, but can stretch up to six months. Many people often leave important tasks until the last minute, which only adds to the inevitable stress. Once you have a set date for moving out, make a list of what needs to be donea list which is likely to be the first of many.

It may also be worthwhile to begin organising any repairs which need to be done, contacting removal services, and working out how you plan to pack your belongings well in advance. Not only will this save you time, but it could also save you money.

Knowing what you will and will not be taking with you can be the difference between an extra van trip and incurring extra charges. Declutter in advance and sell or donate items you rarely use; not only are you reducing the amount you will have to pack, but you are also giving someone else the chance to make use of them. For example, just 44% of an average person’s wardrobe is worn on a regular basis, so letting those clothes go to someone less fortunate is as worthy as it is practical.


Ensuring home security

One of the most frequently overlooked tasks when it comes to a house move is organising home security. It’s an issue which burglars are quick to take advantage of. In the first year following a change in occupancy, a house has double the chance of being broken into. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or energy to address the issues which make you vulnerable to a  burglary.

Essex based security suppliers Carter Security point out that having a “sold” sign in your front garden could be a home security risk, as it’s likely to alert burglars to the fact that your property is vulnerable. They also suggest changing the locks and alarm code on your new property as soon as you arrive. It may feel like an extra job on an already long list, but it is important to make this a priority as it likely to save you a great deal of peace of mind in the long run.


Sorting bills and insurance

This may not be a worry so much as something many new homeowners simply neglect to consider. According to research from the Co-Operative Insurance 20% of first-time buyers under insure their property, with the organisation’s head of home insurance stating “a number of first time buyers… may be getting their priorities wrong when it comes to moving”.

Many public advice websites offer checklists which highlight the people and services that should be informed in advance of moving house, so that authorities and utilities have your correct contact details. Similarly, filling in an online form with Royal Mail to ensure your post gets redirected to your new address saves a great deal of hassle for both you and the occupants at your old address.


Moving with children and animals

Moving house with children or animals can be exceptionally tricky business, especially if you have both. This is mainly because for them, circumstances are changing in ways that can’t be controlled or fully comprehended. NetDoctor notes that a child’s age has a significant impact on their response to the upheaval of moving house, recommending parents keep children informed at an age-appropriate level.

Moving with a pet, on the other hand, leaves far less room for communication and poses a greater risk of confusion and upset. As with children, different pets will respond to a house move in different ways. One thing you will be able to influence is how comfortable they are on the big day. Updating registration documents and ensuring your pet has some favourite or familiar items nearby at all times is crucial, no matter what species you are sharing your home with.


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    Select a moving company that can help to pack some of your stuff. Some movers will take the extra step of packaging, padding, or box small things. It can save you time. Hire only those moving companies that are recommended by your close relative or friends. If you know someone who has moved recently, ask if their service was acceptable.

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