5 Second Rule Junior Review

We have been playing 5 second rule this week in our house and it is so addictive!

5 Second Rule Review

Loving this board game from University Games, it has been made so popular by celebs playing it on The Ellen Show and now you can play it yourself.

Basically you have to answer a question at lightening fast speed within 5 seconds. Sounds super easy doesn’t it..well its really not I promise you. 5 seconds literally whizzes by! And it’s funny, really really funny..sometimes you haven’t said a word before your 5 seconds are up and other times you end up talking absolute nonsense.

My daughter was asked to name 3 good things about eating cake..she said it’s cake, it’s yummy and it’s healthy. Hmm we weren’t going to let her have ‘healthy’  till she pointed out that perhaps it could be carrot cake?

Ooh she just snuck that one in!

The rules

A lovely thing about this game is that the rules are simple. In a nutshell: if you name 3 things in 5 seconds you move your piece, if you can’t the next person has a go but can’t repeat your answers. You get some pass and switch cards to use and the first one to the top of the board is the winner. ‘Tis very simple.

For all the family

I played this game with 10 year old L and her 96 year old Great Grandma. The questions are not complicated and don’t really rely on general knowledge so they work for the whole family. There is nothing so lovely to do with he whole family than play a fabulous, fun board game and we are delighted to review 5 Second Rule as one of our new favourites that works for all the family.

Big thumbs up from all of us. I will be buying  a few of these to give as gifts this Christmas.

Hilarious, simple and fun for all.

5 second rule junior is available from Amazon and all good toy shops







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  1. July 12, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    Sounds like one for Boxing day family fun. I will look out for that one. Thanks 🙂

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