5 simple creative ideas for Valentines Day

5 simple creative ideas for Valentines Day

What are you thoughts on Valentines day?

Do you think it is a just a commercial stunt to make us part with our cash OR do you adore it and think it is a great excise to lavish care and attention on the one you love?

I’m not one for the materialism of Valentines day but I do love to use it as an excuse to be both creative and expressive about mes love.

Valentines day is made special by effort over expense in my book. I like to feel someone has thought about me and spent time creating something just for me. I am going to share with you 5 simple ideas for Valentines day that really do show you care and are really easy for you to create.

You could make some Valentine kisses..little sweet treats your partner could enjoy with their morning. They only take 60 seconds and 3 ingredients.


A home-made cardĀ  is always truly lovely and indicates time, effort and energy shown to the one you love.

How about a love letter. love letters can be kept for ever and are just so precious. I have all my love letters!

I made my partner a love jar a few years ago filled with reasons why I loved him. A truly heartfelt gift.

Or how about a Valentines cocktail . Here are 10 easy ideas you can create at home.

creative ideas for Valentines Day

Cocktail glasses from House of Fraser – You can find some great cocktail recipes here

Do you have any otherĀ  simple creative ideas for Valentines Day ?


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