5 simple ways to spruce up your kitchen

My kitchen has been cream and white for a long time.

I work day in day out in a tiny corner of it and it has been starting to look a bit jaded recently. Certainly in need of a spruce up. But I am a bit short on both time and money so I need simple and speedy ways to refresh it

Here’s what i have been contemplating….


Before anything can look refreshed I think you really have to just get rid of the old the broken and unloved or it just isn’t goign to work.

Deep clean

I would suggest roping the whole family into this after all they make the mess too. A deep clean is a great way to start a refresh and so much easier to do when you have decluttered


Re-painting your walls in the same colour amounts to a quick job but it really does make such a difference.

Inject some colour

I like kitchens to be calm places and look really clean and serene. I am however in need of a bit colour around me and the pale blues that abound this season in homewares are just perfect. Just a few touches here and then but I think it will make a huge difference,

Replace old appliances

My coffee maker gave up the ghost a while ago and my toaster doesn’t work very well at all frequently only half cooking half of a slice of bread. Not tasty or particularly toasty.

Over at the toasters section at House of Fraser I have found a beautiful and pale blue Delonghi vintage toaster It would make such a lovely addition to the kitchen and it would totally smarten it up!

Have a look at the other items I would pop on my wishlist

spruce up your kitchen


So really sprucing up the kitchen does not have to cost huge amounts in effort or expenditure it’s mainly just getting stuck in and making a few key considered changes.
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