Are you going to an office Christmas party?

I miss having a proper office Christmas party due to being self employed. I have never been to a real one but actually I think they sound great fun.  I have had a ‘real job’ in the past working for the council as a social worker first them as a training officer but we never had an office Christmas party as such…just a ‘fuddle.’

Do you know what a ‘fuddle’ is?  I love fuddles. Basically a fuddle is where everyone brings in a bit of food and it’s all laid out and everyone tucks in. Not exciting enough for you?  Well that’s what we always had at the council. It may not sound very exciting to those of you who have Wild Christmas Parties.

At my mum’s old workplace the ladies would go for a night out at Gala Bingo as their office ‘do’. Can you imagine – what giggle!  A company my husband work for has a lovely civilised meal each year. Other friends I know go to a Christmas party marquee that can cater TONS of   office parties at once. There is entertainment and food and music and loads of party goers. Sounds very odd to me and they are tons of fun apparently.

My husband who is largely self employed also goes out with his self employed friends for a big night out each Christmas. The call their pub crawl  their self styled office do! Hmmm he does quite well with his ‘office parties’ does my husband.

Me, well I am meeting with a few bloggy friends for a glass of wine and a bit of Yule log tomorrow night. Sounds peachy perfect to me. At least there won’t be any dodgy photocopying going on or flirty post boys!

Even though that does sound great fun!



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