We were sent some lovely products from Stabilo to celebrate National Stationery Week.  National Stationery Week, runs from the 24th April – 30th April 2017 and it’s about enjoying, using and celebrating all things stationery.

I just love stationery don’t you? I love the imagination that great stationery unleashes in our kids  and encourages them to put  pen to paper and get off the screens!

The Woody 3-in-1’s as they are great for the kids, they are a water colour, wax crayon and coloured pencil in one and can write on pretty much any surface and be rubbed off easily leaving no nasty smudges etc. My kids had a great time writing on our conservatory doors and drawing pictures and it really did clean off the glass easily.

Brilliant fun!

Stabilo also sent me some point max nylon tip pens. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous. They have fast drying water based ink and a unique nylon tip which produces bold crisp lines, Lovely for clear line drawings and writing – my daughter adored these and me too! 


Stabilo also sent these lovely 68’s a premium felt tip set

I have been buying cheap supermarket pens for ages, I cannot tell you how absolutelly brilliant it was to use quaility products again. It had reignited my love of god stationery and these are the quality items I want my kids to have .




It is a such a joy to plan and decorate a room for your baby  but it can also be overwhelming. Parenting magazines and catalogues showcase so many different and fabulous furniture styles for little ones it can be really hard to know which direction to go.

Well I do hope this will help  – here are a few tips for choosing the furniture for your baby’s room.

Furniture tips for new mums

  • A Crib That Breathes

The very least any baby bedroom needs is a cot or  crib for your little one to sleep in. They will spend a fair bit of time sleeping in their early years so this is a really important piece of furniture and you want to get it right.  There are few considerations that need to be made. First of all, it should be deep enough to prevent the baby to toppling it over and also sturdy enough so it can withstand a growing baby pushing on it. It needs to be in great condition and up to standard safety requirements.  Thirdly, the mattress should be big enough to leave no room on the bare bed and it should be new.


  • Chest With A Changer

First-time mums and dads  in search of  suitable baby furniture often end up buying too much and it invariably adds to the clutter and leaves them out of pocket. . But in clearing the clutter you don’t need to compromise on functionality and purpose  No, you really do not need to since there is a host of sophisticated multi-purpose furniture that can take care of multiple needs without taking too much floor space.

Instead of buying a separate changing table and a chest of drawers, you can just opt for a beautiful chest with changer. Most parents consider a changing table no longer necessary when their child grows up but the chest can be used throughout their childhood making this a very practical buy.


  • Consider Storage

One of  the secrets of a great room is finding adequate storage within just the right amount of furniture, without having to buy more and cluttering the room.

For instance small toys such as dolls or blocks can be stored under the crib. A changing table with hidden toy storage is also really useful and it’s good to have a toy to distract your baby whilst you change them, close to hand. These smart ideas to create extra storage space within a  baby’s  room furniture are increasingly popular as people are keen to create more space and a more minimalist look, Smart furniture with great storage can help making your baby room feel bigger, lighter and more airy and spacious.



  • Find The Right Colours

When it comes to the baby room, the colours on the wall and furnishings are not the only things crucial to making the room bright and vibrant. The furniture pieces can equally play a big role in setting the right contrast and visual effect if chosen appropriately.

For instance, in a grey themed baby bedroom, a few bright coloured furniture with fluorescent hues can just offer a brilliant look. In  a soft-hued baby room, a few darker coloured pieces of  furniture pieces can work wonder to create depth. Using primary colours colours in furniture and furnishings here and there can bring so much fun to a room too

If you want your baby’s room to be a really happy one then colours can be your biggest ally.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas and feel inspired!








Plantronic BackBeat 500 Review

Plantronics have recently launched a rather fabulous new pair of wireless headphones, the BackBeat 500 series – the perfect balance of sound quality, comfort and style, all for £89.99.

Plantronic BackBeat 500 Review

As well as being rather gorgeous to look at they have some brilliant features that we love.

Most importantly to me they are really lightweight and very comfy.   Bulky, heavy uncomfortable headphones just do not work for me, I just want to take them off!

Most importantly for my OH you get a lot of listening time for your battery – 18 hours of listening time (the longest yet in its price range) batteries running out quickly can be very irritating!

It also has super easy to access on-ear controls which lets you play/pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, and take/end calls. This is so  convenient particularly if you are busy. My OH was gardening last weekend and chatting away at the same time it made me giggle.

The BackBeat 500 Series is available in three funky colours – white, dark grey and grey with lime green ear cups – they look as good as they feel. You get an expandable head band and memory foam ear cups.

You can also pair up to 8 devices and connect two and you can access Siri, Google Now, or Cortana with a touch of a button. Now that’s pretty cool right?

We think these are the very best headphones we have ever tried and I have a very hard time getting them off my OH to use myself!

The BackBeat 500 cost £89.99





One of the greatest ways to show your affection to someone is through sending flowers. This is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that melts every recipient’s heart. You will surely make your loved ones happy when you send them a beautiful bouquet of blooms.

This day and age, most things can be done easily and faster. You can purchase an item online and have it delivered to your doorstep. When you want to send flowers to your family or special someone, you can simply order online. There are various flower shops online you can choose from, thus, select one wisely. Apparently, if you want to send blooms to Australia without any hassle, there are flowers delivered in Canberra via Fresh Flowers.

Advantages of Buying Blooms Online

Listed below are the advantages of buying blossoms online:


Online flower shops provide more convenience than traditional ones

There is no need for you to leave the comfort of your own home once you have decided to order flowers online.

Convenience is one of the top advantages of shopping blooms through the use of Internet. With just a gadget and an Internet connection, you can buy a bouquet of blossoms wherever you are. More so, it is hassle-free and you can save yourself from any stress of going to a flower shop.


Online flower shops are always available and open

Since it’s online, there is nothing to worry about store cut-off or closing time. You can choose to purchase blossoms online any time you want, even at midnight. All you have to do is to verify the website of the flower shop you have chosen first then order blooms right away. Nevertheless, ensure the website’s credibility prior to making any transactions to avoid being scammed.


Online flower shops offers affordable prices

As compared to the traditional flowers bought in physical stores, online blooms are more affordable. This is because of economic rates and online flower shops have fewer overheads. There is no need for online florists to get actual blossoms to present their store instead, they only supply enough flowers to be purchased by customers. Additionally, this ensures that they won’t make losses from lack of sales. And as a buyer, you are most likely to get the best value for your own money by choosing an online flower shop to purchase flowers.


Online flower shops have a large variety of blossoms

There are different floral arrangements and a wide variety of flowers available in every online flower shop. You can choose whatever type of bloom you want and if there is a specific one that you wish to order, you can simply look for it online and ask the florist if they have it. If not, the florist can talk to another florist and make a way to get what you want.


Indeed, buying flowers online can be done within just minutes. You have a quick access to a large number of flower varieties online, so make sure to choose one properly. These advantages mentioned above prove that purchasing blossoms online is stress-free and time-saving. Hence, keep these things in mind when planning to buy flowers for your loved ones.




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Decluttering tips for new moms

It’s indeed a puzzle! Children’s rooms are usually small, most often they’re shared and may even lack any kind of built-in storage. In spite of being small, such rooms are host to outgrown clothing, excess toys and household overflow from other rooms. Children usually fail to stay organized when their closet is already crammed, their drawers are stuffed and their toys are strewn through the entire carpet area.

Decluttering tips for new moms

It is true that you won’t love the idea of clutter in your home. Having stuff all over the place is not something we love because it not only clutters our physical space but it clutters our emotional well-being as well. In fact, it can also adversely affect our ability to focus on some particular work. But how are you supposed to deal with clutter when you’re in a busy job, or commuting to different workplaces or preparing meals for your kids? Here are few tips to declutter your home.

  • Feel positive and good about decluttering

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine showed that eliminating clutter is indeed a painful job. Hence the first step should always be feeling good about starting the process so that you don’t get discouraged easily.

  • Break it into small baby steps

Instead of doing it all in a single day, declutter one space at a time, a book, a drawer, a room or a closet. Since the task is a bit tiring, make sure you do it in a way which doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed.

  • Sort out objects

Begin with a small section of your kid’s domain like either a small area of the floor, a single shelf or a single drawer. Take hold of each of the items and ask yourself whether or not you need them. Get the best lego storage bag as its handy enough for storing all sorts of toys and other objects which are usually left cluttered inside your kid’s room. Give away things which your kid won’t use anymore or throw them away.

  • Start organizing and have patience

Stop all the clutter and then begin with the noble task of organizing things. While doing this, you may also have those lidded storage containers ready or the storage bag mentioned above. Toss off few items like connecting blocks into one bag, doll’s clothing into another and all those tiny cars and trucks into another.

  • Toss them or donate them

Finally when it’s time for you to toss the trash, get back to those toy bags and allot them their assigned rooms. Either sell off few of them or donate them to needy kids or stack them at proper places.

Therefore, if you’re a new mom and you still can’t keep up with the huge clutter that is being created by your toddlers off late, take into account the above mentioned tips and strategies to maintain a clean and tidy house.



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