Admit it: you have a hard enough time trying to decorate your own space. It’s probably twice as hard to imagine doing it for someone else – someone you’ve yet to meet or who is too young to choose their own colour scheme and furniture. We know how stressful it can be, especially when you want everything to be perfect for your baby. Below, you will find a brief background on nurseries, their importance and how you can design the ideal space for your toddler. So, have no fear: it just got easier.

baby bedroom themes

Designing the perfect bedroom for your baby

It is important to create the right environment for your baby to encourage growth, joy, comfort and much more. As a parent, there is quite a bit of pressure behind giving your baby the best you can. A bedroom is certainly no exception: you want the best for your child and nothing but the best. However, this isn’t always easy to accomplish. To make things easier and more enjoyable for you, we’ve compiled a list of five beautiful, inspirational themes to spice up your baby’s bedroom. Read on to learn more about how you can turn your nursery from plain to pleasant with ease.


Minimal and modern

Many like to keep things simple, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, minimalism is becoming trendier by the day. You can keep up with the times by establishing a neutral colour scheme with complementary, yet basic hues, and sticking to the essentials when it comes to furniture. You can modernise your space by installing window shutters, which come in a variety of styles and are much more durable than traditional drapes. You can even purchase shutters in special shapes or designs to add a unique kick to your baby’s minimal, yet modern bedroom.


Colourful and chic

Studies have shown that babies, as well as young children, are intrigued and sometimes even soothed by colour. There are tons of ways to incorporate colour into your design, such as adding fresh flowers or plants. This will add natural, bright colours to the room and introduce your baby to the wonders of vegetation! Coloured lights, throw pillows and rugs are also great ways to create colourful harmony in your nursery.



Completely kid-proof

A child’s room should look like one, shouldn’t it? As children grow, their interests follow suit, so it is important to surround them with things that will keep them intrigued. You could accomplish this by letting your nursery double as a mini play land – stocked with a toy area or toy box, lots of colours throughout and even cartoon-themed wallpaper. You could even locate character-themed bed sets to further imply a kid-friendly environment.


A little artsy

A great way to spice up your baby’s bedroom is by using art – sometimes, lots of it! A patterned wallpaper or a unique shade of paint will add instant flair. It would be a great idea to hang a series of inspirational, versatile paintings and artworks (above their reach, of course) to tie in to the creative ambience. You could even consider finding a few motivational quotes and use foam or sticker lettering to post them on the walls of your nursery.


Eccentric and enlightening

Want to integrate education into your decorations or make learning fun for your little one? A whiteboard is a good option to consider. It will encourage your infant to draw and will be a great place to write quotes or words you want to teach them. Fun rugs are rugs that have puzzles, mazes and more on their surface, so that babies can try to tackle them as they crawl around. Another great choice would be a map – although a seemingly abnormal addition to someone’s bedroom, a map could encourage an interest in the world itself and in learning.


Parents are expected to do their best and give their best for their children. While this may be a bit overwhelming, especially to new parents, it is still a good idea to try to enjoy decorating your baby’s nursery as much as they’ll enjoy staying in it. The more creative you are, the better your outcome will be. Consider the different ways each theme could affect your child and decide which you think is best. You could even combine one or more of the themes to create the perfect design. And while you’re at it, be sure to relax, have fun and enjoy the greatness of being a new parent!


How to have a baby when you are a single woman

Today, more and more women who reach a certain age and haven’t yet found Mr. Right, make the choice to have a baby alone. With their biological clock ticking, they decide that just because they don’t have a partner, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to give up on their dream of starting a family.

How to have a baby when you are a single woman

There are different ways to become a mum when you’re single in the UK, for instance, through adoption or sperm donation. Apart from the financial commitment related to raising a child on your own, if you choose to carry your child, you’ll have to factor in the costs of fertility treatments.

Where to find a sperm donor

Unless you choose to go through adoption, one of the first things to consider when you decide to have a baby alone is where to find a sperm donor. Whether to choose an anonymous or known donor, as well as whether your search should involve a sperm bank, a fertility clinic or a sperm donation website, are all things to give thought to before selecting the right donor.

In sperm banks, the donors are all thoroughly screened to make sure that their sperm is of good quality and that they are free of any hereditary or sexual diseases.

If you prefer to go instead with a known sperm donor, for instance, a relative or a donor you met online, it’s important you ensure that he undergoes all of the necessary health checks.

It’s becoming more and more popular for single women, as well as LGBT couples and couples with infertility issues, to go to the sperm donation search process online. Via a dedicated website, they can meet several donors and get to know them better, in order to help them make their decision.

What are the fertility treatments available for single women?

Once they’ve found their donor, single women will be presented with several options for becoming pregnant, depending on their age, their preferences or any fertility issues that they may have. They might, for instance, be advised to use fertility drugs, to go through intra-uterine insemination, or in vitro fertilisation using their own eggs or those of a donor.

They can also choose to perform self-insemination in the comfort of their own home, with a home conception kit that they can purchase online.

If, after several attempts at artificial insemination, the process remains unsuccessful, women can turn to IVF, a technique involving the fertilisation of their eggs with sperm in a laboratory setting. Once the egg is fertilised, the result, called the embryo, will be transferred into the woman’s womb. In vitro fertilisation is also a great solution for women who experience fertility problems and need an egg donor to conceive.

What budget should I expect?

Costs vary and depend on several factors: the woman’s fertility issues and the price of any related treatments, whether she requires donated eggs, as well as whether she selects her donor online or in a sperm bank.

In the UK, it’s not legal to receive payment in exchange for a donation. Donors can only be paid in order to cover reasonable expenses, such as transportation. Moreover, extra costs must be expected when using a sperm bank. This option is usually pricier than selecting a known donor like a relative.

As for artificial insemination, cost varies depending on the fertility clinics. However, you can expect to pay between £500 and £1,000 for each cycle of treatment in private facilities, unless you’re eligible for NHS support.

In vitro fertilisation is more expensive. The price varies depending on the clinic and whether egg or sperm donation is needed. Women opting for this solution who are not covered by the NHS can expect to pay around £5,000 or more per cycle of treatment.


The Buddy Bag Foundation. is a tiny charity doing something wonderful.

They provide and deliver emergency supplies plus teddy bears to children fleeing domestic violence and other ‘emergency situations.

Take a look at this video


If you would like to find out more about this amazing charity take a look here

You can donate /fundraise  and volunteer to help pack bags.

Isn’t this a truly lovely idea.







Have you come across Chicago Town’s Deep Dish range is – AKA the  “little superhero in the freezer”

It is just perfect for family occasions such as movie night, on-the-go snacking and post-school snacks and actually a whole host of other occasions. It is my emergency not planned for playdate failsafe. Almost every kids love cheese pizza..

It really is just the tastiest pizza, really yummy. With a lovely base too. We think it’s the best frozen pizza we have tasted.

My hubby (who is a bit of a connoisseur) declared it better than a takeaway and I think I would have to agree. We are veggie so we chose the four cheese deep dish pizza  which consists of melted mozzarella, mature cheddar, Monterry Jack and Emmental cheeses on their signature tomato sauce. You get 2 to pack and it great value.


You can either pop them in a microwave for a 3 minute speedy snack  or 22 minutes in the oven.

So where do we eat ours?

Well I am really of the firm opinion pizza is not just for dinner!

After a late night out with the boys they made the perfect brunch for my OH, and give him a much need boost of energy.


They also make a perfect little after school snack with salad for my daughter. On the occasions when she has a packed lunch at midday and sport after school  a quick slice of pizza is a great way to keep her going in between. We like to eat as a family and sometimes that means dunner s going to be late. This is a perfect little stop gap.

I also like to pack it up for my OH to take to work and a little slice of pizza makes such a nice change from sandwiches. He likes ait cold but sometimes gives it a quick re-heat depending on how he feels.

And for me?

Well it  is a great little pre tennis snack for me.

To be fair I could pretty much eat these pizzas any time at all!

I’d love to know, do you just save pizza for dinner?




It is so important to have a good baby monitor isn’t it and the Motorola video baby monitor  is really is fabulous:

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

The MBP853 Connect, is a HD WiFi connected video baby monitor which boasts a 3.5-inch colour LCD parent unit which will live stream video from the camera in the baby’s room. Look at the amazing features it has

  •  A remote pan, tilt and digital zoom function giving a 300 degree view, the MBP853 Connect also has
  • room temperature monitoring,
  • infrared night vision,
  • a lullaby player
  • two-way communication via a high sensitivity microphone –


It is absolutely ideal for keeping an eye on your child at home and will give you such peace of mind.


This is one truly multi-functional connected device and it can also be paired to the highly innovative Hubble App, which allows remote access from anywhere in the world. So whatever the scenario; whether you’re away on business and want to read the bedtime story, or your little one has got the giggles and you want Grandpa to login to see – you can now do so via the high-tech Hubble App meaning you never miss a moment.

Now that is pretty fabulous right?


Would you like to win one?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous monitor is enter the rafflecopter below. Wishing you the best of luck!





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I am not one to encourage gambling but this is a completely free chance to make a little win with the Free Birthdate Lottery 


Free Birthdate Lottery is a free lottery funded by ads on the site. Since its launch in January last year, £1,300 has been given away in prizes!

How To Play

You simply register on the site with your date of birth, which acts as your ticket. Once registered, you are automatically entered into every draw. Each day, a winning birthdate is drawn at random at 11am. If your birthdate comes up, simply claim your cash prize which can be paid out via BACS, PayPal or PAYM!

What are the Draws?

There are currently 2 draws, the main draw and the survey draw. They’re pretty much the same except you may have to complete a short Google survey to view the survey draw winner. The surveys help fund the prizes. Both draws run at 11am.

You can opt in to receive daily email reminders so you never forget to check, and the site is 100% spam-free.

Bigger and Better Prizes

As the site grows, there are more prizes on offer and the prize pots for the draws increase. The site started off with a single weekly £5 draw and now runs 2 daily £10 draws.

Even More Ways to Win

As well as the 2 draws, Free Birthdate Lottery always has additional competitions on the go. One of the most popular is the 30 day challenges. For the current challenge, you have to guess the logo and submit your answer each day. Other comps include creative ones or seasonal – all with the aim of brightening up your day. They are a great opportunity to chat with other members in the comments as well. The comps are a bit of light-hearted fun, with the added bonus you may win a cash prize for taking part.

Register today for your chance to win




Have you heard of Education Quizzes?

It is a fabulous resource and one I use regularly to support our daughter’s learning at school. It is full of quizzes, based on the national curriculum, to test out her understanding and help her develop her knowledge. Wrong answers come with explanations and every subject is covered as well as every year group. There is a small monthly fee to accees a myriad of brilliant resources and quizzes.

I really do recommend it to everyone.

Parents 999

As part of the process of helping kids do better at school Education Quizzes have additionally developed a series of articles for parents called the Parents 999.  It is so called because each article has 999 words and also because it is meant to be an emergency resource for parents who suddenly find that they have a problem to solve in relation to their school-age children.

I can think of many an occasion where that would come in useful!

Each article is accompanied by a parent quiz that aspires to  help parents to understand the subject and at the same time point them in the direction of further resources.

The Parents 999 quizzes are completely free and eventually there will be 80 articles. They cover everything from emotional resilience to exam prep, homework hints to learning styles. I picked 2 I was most interested in  to take a look at. I began with Emotional resilience as I think this is just so important.

Emotional resilience

The quiz starts with lots of useful information and links to articles around the subject of emotional resilience It was really well written and useful.

The quiz that followed made me think about what I had read. Questions like this one were really helpful way of affirming my learning. Some of the questions were about percentages and numbers and I found these to be not so useful as actually they were just testing my memory for figures and I wasn’t too concerned about that.

I scored a fine 8/10 and found it an interesting experience.

The next Parent power quiz I looked at was to do with school holiday activities a lighter subject but still really interesting and informative. I just love that when I got a question right it told me why and when I got one wrong it also told me why. In this quiz I got 9/10. I am all about the holidays!


I have to say I have really enjoyed the 2 parents 999 articles I read and the quizzes the articles made me think and the quizzes reinforced my learning.  I’ll definably pop back to experience more! A brilliant resource to parents and some great articles already. One to bookmark.

Take a look and do pop back and let me know what you think.


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As parents we’re always trying to save a bit of money. After-all, there’s always clothes to buy, school trips to pay for or the latest must-have toy on the horizon. So it’s little wonder, that when we get an invitation to a dinner out, we often shiver at the idea – think of the money! But, the problem is, eating out is an inevitable and necessary expense in our lives, especially if it’s for a loved one’s birthday. It doesn’t need to be the end of the world money-wise though, you just have to be clever about it. Indeed, with these helpful tips your dinner out will be as cheap as it possibly can be:

How To Save Money When Eating Out

Loyalty Cards

Restaurants want to keep their diners coming back, and some will attempt this by offering loyalty offers to regular customers. Whether this be by earning points on a card or getting free food after so many meals, by choosing to spend your night outs at the same restaurant or chain you can easily save yourself some money. Have a research of your local restaurants and see who has loyalty schemes in place.


There is nothing like a good coupon for saving you money on a restaurant bill. Online coupon websites like Wowcher and Groupon post new deals every day that allow you to dine at some of your favourite restaurants – and discover some new places – for often around 50% off full price. Make sure you read the terms of these though as some have restrictions on when you can eat.

Also keep an eye on sites like Money Saving Expert, which will post free coupons for restaurants like Pizza Express every so often.


Of course, you don’t have to actually go out in order to get a lovely restaurant meal! Why not suggest celebrating with a takeaway at someone’s house? This is particularly good if you have young children as bedtimes can still be adhered to and you don’t have to shell out for a babysitter. True, someone will have to do the dishes, but when you’re getting restaurant quality food at a fraction of the price, it is definitely worth it.

Takeaway app, hungryhouse not only lets you pay by card (rather than frantically searching for change for the delivery man), but also offers lots of offers and discounts. This includes student discount, special offers such as new restaurant discount and loyalty discounts for its customers.

Lunch/Early Bird

When you dine out can have a massive impact on your bill, so before you choose a restaurant and time, have a look at their website for different menus. Most restaurants will offer both a lunch and early bird/pre-theatre menu before 7pm. These will usually be a set menu for a 2 or 3 course meal at a discounted price, which is the perfect way to sample a restaurant’s food without paying too much. Plus, as you know roughly how much you’re going to spend before you go, you can easily budget your night out.

Kids Offers

As well as looking for different menus, you should also research which restaurants offer special offers for children. Places like Hungry Horse, Pizza Hut and Fayre and Square all offer discounts for children at specific times – especially during school holidays. These can include Kids Eat Free, Kids Eat for £1 and similar, which will save you money and, even better, keep the kids happy.






With real estate in our major cities looking a little on the pricey side these days, many young families and first-time buyers are purchasing flats and apartments rather than houses. In the UK, flats make up 17% of the national housing market, while in property hotspots like London, that figure skyrockets to 50% of all sales. Before you put an offer on your dream pad in a city high-rise, here’s a short guide to the things you might like to consider.


What to consider when buying a flat

See if you qualify for help

Whether you’re buying a family home or a studio apartment, the chances are that a little bit of financial help will still be necessary. When you try to decide your budget, make sure you factor in the Government’s help to buy schemes. Equally, if it’s a new build you’re after, you could take advantage of the equity loan scheme too. The ‘help to buy’ initiative means you only need to raise 5% of your deposit, while the government gives you a loan of up to 20% of the total house price. So you’ll be able to get a much better rate on whichever type of mortgage you end up choosing.

Pick your floor

When you start looking for your dream apartment, remember to consider the pros and cons of living on different levels. Flats above shops can be up to 15% cheaper than other apartments. You could also benefit from incredible views if you opt for a high-level option, but make sure that your building has lift access as well as those exhausting several flights of stairs.

Is it family friendly?

If you have a young family – or a baby on the way – you’ll need to make sure that you can easily get your prams and pushchairs to and from your front door without much hassle. If there’s a balcony, double check that there are security measures in place to keep your kids safe.

Going low-level

If heights aren’t quite your thing, there are many advantages to buying a basement property. They’re usually lower in price and are great for people with bikes or heavy equipment they need to move in and out regularly. Basement flats usually also come with gardens attached or at least with priority access to the garden through a separate, private door, so you and your family have more independence from the rest of the building. However, don’t forget to look out for things like poor lighting, potential damp problems and patchy mobile signal when you view a basement property.

Consider your neighbours

When you live in a flat, you’ll probably be surrounded by other families and individuals living out their day-to-day lives. You’ll need to deal with shared walls and communal areas with front doors next to and opposite each other. When you’re looking around a building for the first time, make sure you take a look at what your neighbours might be like. What sort of age are they? Are you looking at living side-by-side with families, retirees, or even student flat-shares?

Don’t forget extra fees

When buying your first home, we know there are lots of costs and fees to take into account. If your’s is a flat, there are some extra numbers to add to the list. Check how much the service charges for your building will be. These should cover any maintenance repairs, lift servicing and heating costs, as well as the cleaning of communal spaces and waste disposal.


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We all know that going on holiday makes us happy.

No matter what type of holiday, just having a break and getting away from it all cheers us all right up, doesn’t it.

What is the secret of happiness

Could it really be that travel  the secret of happiness?

Recent research comissioned by, the leader in connecting people with the most incredible places to stay, has revealed that travel gives us such an emotional boost, we consider planning and going away on holiday more vital for our happiness than other big life occasions. A whopping 77% of the people surveyed say they book a holiday just when they’re in need of a happiness boost.

  • Almost half (49%) of people say a holiday brings them more happiness than their wedding day,
  • Over half (51%) prefer travelling over going on a date with their partner
  • Seven out of ten (70%) then have the best time on holiday when they can make themselves at home in their accommodation
  • Over two thirds of us find happiness staying in a hotel, hostel or villa (67%),
  • Another third feel happiest staying in an apartment or home with local residents (33%).

The research, questioned 17,000 people from 17 countries and revealed that for the majority, travel experiences, anything from backpacking, to boutique B&B breaks, family villa holidays, or even exotic and remote retreats, brings more lasting happiness than material things (70%).


What is the secret of happiness


This goes a long way towards explaining why most people (56%) prioritise holidays over possessions such as clothes, jewellery and gadgets while almost half  rank travel over home improvements.

What about you?

Does travel rate high in importance for you?

The emotional lift that travel brings hits at each stage of the travel process from planning, through booking to actually going on holiday. And apparently it’s the planning stages that give the most immediate boosts in happiness, with nearly three quarters of people saying they get a kick of excitement just from researching where to go on holiday.

We booked a holiday recently and honestly I have felt so much better since. It has really shaken off the winter blues and put a spring into my step.

Over half of those surveyed said they feel happiest when booking their holiday, underlining the importance of instant booking when it comes to securing an ideal stay.

Shawn Achor is  one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and he says

The data from this new study highlights how there is a very significant correlation between enjoying the booking experience, and happiness during the actual trip – meaning that one of the best predictors of a happy vacation is to have an enjoyable booking process. Travel planned well and instantly booked with ease can dramatically improve your happiness, no matter what type of stay and trip you seek.

In fact, we are so addicted to planning and booking our trips, that over a third admit to researching holidays months in advance (35%) – with an eager 5% planning over a year in advance.

This is then followed by the anticipation of what’s to come. Between booking and actually travelling, over a third admit to chasing a happiness boost by thinking about their holiday one or more times a day (39%). In preparation, eight out of ten (80%) find happiness in looking at a map and researching places to visit, and over half like planning and shopping for their holiday wardrobe (52%).


David Mau, director of product, said:

“With people booking over 1.1 million room nights every day on, we know just how important travel and enjoying that perfect stay is to people’s overall happiness. We also understand that exactly what makes each us of really happy when we travel is different, which is why we focus so much energy on helping people find the perfect place to stay and travel experience to suit them, whatever their budget, interests and needs. A rustic treehouse in the Swedish countryside may be your idea of Nirvana, while for someone else it might be a posh apartment in downtown Tokyo.


So there you have it: The secret to happiness is booking your holiday!










Have you heard of Totally Funky ?

They are are a fabulous online store that sell gifts to make you smile with gift ideas for everyone and absolutely every possible occasion. You could simply browse for hours.

I have some favourites…

Like this bat duck

or these really cool tooth brush holders

or wow my daughter would just adore this flamingo watering can!

These are just a tiny sample of the huge range of fabulous gifts Totally Funky sell.

My absolute favourite thought has to be their T-Rex Lamp

Isn’t he just super cool?

Dinosaur Lamp

These origami style Dinosaur Lamp would make a make great night light for either a kids bedroom or playroom it would also look rather fabulous on a book shelf or desk.  There are 3 designs of dinosaur lamp  T-Rex (Orange), Triceratops (White) and Brachiosaurus (Green).

Each lamp features an LED bulb and black cable with on/off switch and UK plug and is made form Polyresin

Totally funky indeed!


Win a T-Rex lamp

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Wishing you the very best of luck!

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We have teamed up with organic and natural luxury beauty brand PrimaVera to giveaway this gorgeous pampering Mother’s day hamper for your special Mum. The pamper hamper is worth £88.50 and will give your mum all the pampering she desires.

Primavera Harmonising Rose and osmanthus Bath Oil ( £22.50 for 100ml) is a deeply relaxing, calming blend of essential oils that delivers an enchanting experience for those times for when you truly want to transform your body and mind.


pamper hamper


Primavera Repair Hand Cream with Lavender and Vanilla (£14.00)  has a rich formula which replenishes, nourishes and hydrates. The non-greasy formula leaves hands soft, smooth and protected against dryness.


Give your mum an extra treat on Mother’s Day with the gorgeous Primavera Relaxing Body Oil (£27.00 for 100ml). With a nourishing mix of organic oils combined with warming vanilla essential oil replenishes and hydrates to give beautifully soft and smooth skin in minutes.





Primavera Harmonising Rose and Osmanthus Body Cream (£25.00 for 200ml)  is a rich and luxurious body cream  that locks in moisture to leave the skin hydrated and revived. A combination of nourishing and replenishing ingredients work together to protect against environmental damage while strengthening and firming the skin, leaving it revitalised and radiant




How to enter

If you fancy being in with a chance of winning this lovely pamper hamper simply enter the rafflecopter below.

Best of luck!




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