An Autumn Candle

I was delighted this month to receive an Autumn candle to review I have been embracing Autumn,my favourite season.

I went to my daughters Harvest fFstival last week and it was an absolute delight.

We sang Colours of Day, the children  read out their little prayers and information they had learned about food. It was cute and completely heartwarming. People took in spare food for the local homeless shelter and it felt nice to step out into the Autumn breeze afterwards feeling all glad  about the world.

Experiences always in over ‘things’ in my book.

Yankee candle, autumn candle

I came home and made a hot chocolate and lit my new Yankee candle from their Autumn range. It is pomegranate and cider and it smells warm and fruity and is so soothing. I love the colour too.  It is made from tart pomegranate juice with sweet vanilla and spicy notes of cinnamon and clove and should burn for 150 hours.

Candles for me give an experience, create a mood, allow you to relax. They make the most lovely gifts and they are treats that last a long time. Great value at £19.99.

There are more lovely Autumn candles in the range.

Happy Harvest everyone.



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