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Mums will know all about nappy rash, cradle cap and baby acne, as well as the various lotions and potions available to treat these conditions. There are many budget brands of nappy rash cream out there on the market to help soothe that red skin and, of course, a visit to a doctor is always advisable if there is any real concern. Sadly, that baby soft skin can suffer from many skin ailments including jaundice, eczema, impetigo, cold sores and food allergies, as well as nasty infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles which can of course affect children of all ages. It just takes a sneeze to send an airborne disease like chicken pox straight into the home and before you know it, the children and even adults are spotty, itchy and miserable.

Teenage acne is another ‘skin nasty’, which can blight the lives of teenagers who already have physical and emotional changes to contend with. Acne can really damage self-confidence and leave physical and emotional scarring. Young skin is delicate and sensitive and up to the late teens may be easily damaged. This is definitely a time to seek professional help and not attempt to treat skin conditions with budget priced skin creams.

Call In the Professionals

Your GP can help with basic skin problems but for anything serious like acne or eczema it is wise to consult a dermatologist who specialises in skin conditions. He or she will be fully trained and qualified with up-to-the-minute equipment and treatments and whilst this may seem like an expensive step, having a child grow up with lovely skin is worth the cost. You will find a dermatology clinic in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and many other UK cities, not just, as you may imagine, in London. Some clinics have departments that specialise in treating the skin problems of children from infancy right up to sixteen, and will help ensure that your child grows into adulthood with unblemished skin.

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Infant Eczema

This can manifest as a slight redness of the skin to relentless itching. Eczema dries the skin and causes it to lose the protective nature, which prevents bacterial infection, fluid loss and resistance to heat or cold. Severe eczema causes the skin to become wet making it more vulnerable to infection and scarring. A dermatologist will prepare a maintenance skin programme to suit the condition and may use light therapy if required.

Teenage Acne

Teenage skin is oily which in turn causes pores to block. Cheap over-counter spot creams can dry out the skin and damage it, leaving scars and blemishes. A dermatologist will be able to offer treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion, which will unclog the pores and restore smoothness to the skin, as well as advice about diet and skin-care regimes.

How many of us had spots and skin problems when we were younger which have left our skin looking less than perfect now? Forget cutting costs when it comes to skin care because flawless and healthy skin is priceless.



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