Book Review: Things I Wish I’d Known

Things I wish I’d known is wonderful collection of essays on motherhood.. It features writing by a collection of AMAZING women including Jenny Colgan, Tiffanie Darke, Emma Freud, Cathy Kelly, Clover Stroud and Justine Roberts.


This book prides itself on telling the truth about motherhood:

Look at the front cover of any parenting book and what do you see? Glowing mothers-to-be, or pristine, beautifully-behaved children. But the reality is, your pregnancy might be a sweaty, moody rollercoaster, and your children will almost certainly spend the first few years of their lives covered in food, tears and worse. And the experience is no less magical for it,

A couple of my favourite bits….

Adele Parks list the things she wishes she had known and her no. 3 rings so true

Competitive mothers are insecure…They are if thy have the time or need to compare your mothering skills with their own or worse still your baby with theirs it is becuase they are unsure not because they are mean. still it doesn’t mean you have to hang around with them


Emma Freud shares the perils of pregnancy thinking …being told you look healthy translates in your mind as fat, being told you look tiny you panic you baby is underdeveloped. Oh yes I remember those worries well.

This book is just what you need to reassure you you are normal and to give you some great laughs and pauses for reflection.  It really is women telling the truth about motherhood.

It is released on March 5 and published by Icon books. Would make a FAB Mothers day gift idea.

Can be pre-ordered from Amazon Things I Wish I’d Known: Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood


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