A breakfast kids will love that has no refined sugar


Finding a breakfast that my kids will eat that is also super healthy has been a very difficult task. I don’t know about you but my kids been very stubborn when it comes to food! We recently took part in the change 4 life sugar challenge and finding a healthy breakfast without sugar for 2 fussy kids pretty much stumped us. Then Bear sent us some of their new AlphaBites to try.

Big grin. They just solved a big problem for me,

Just as tasty as sugary cereal but more healthy because they use only 6 ingredients and no refined sugar or salt. Instead of refined sugars, we use coconut blossom nectar which contains twice the calcium of milk, and has a naturally low GI.

Isn’t that just fantastic.

The ingredients that make our Alphabites.

The kids thought they were delicious and had fun making words out of them pre-milk! So nice to see them happy about eating something healthy!

I am just delighted we have found this cereal (or that it found us). I can chalk that up as a big healthy eating win.

MultigrainCocoa Multigrain

It is available from supermarkets in multigrain or cocoa multigrain and gets the big thumbs up from us!


love bear


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