Cabbage and Red Onion Slaw

I was hoping to bring you my cabbage and red onion slaw recipe as part of a full on  veggie bbq but the English weather has thwarted me. I made it anyway though and it was rather delicious so am still sharing.  You just need to ust imagine we were outside in the lovely sunshine rather than hiding away form the rain!

Cabbage and red onion slaw


I know many slaws are made with cabbage and carrots. But my OH is not a fan of carrots so I have created this  super simple recipe just for him. It’s star ingredient is the new Heinz honey yellow New York deli style mustard  ( it is delicious!)


Here’s what you need (makes enough for 2)

1/3 of a red cabbage finely chopped into slices

2 big tablespoons of fat free greek yoogurt

2 teaspoons of Heinz Honey Yellow New York style deli mustard (gorgeous gorgeous stuff and costs about £1.70 from all supermarkets )

1/2 large red onion very thinly sliced


How to create

You simply mix it all together  and that’s it.

Very simple to make and super speedy too. Just the best way to cook!

We served this with chips, a pine-nut and orange salad and courgette bakes. It would be the perfect BBQ accompaniment and is created in just a few minutes

cabbage and red onion slaw


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