You can earn money with GoGetSale.

I love to shop despite being a thrifty type. But of course I like to get a bargain, money off, two for the price of one, a great deal or cash back.

GoGetSale is a cash back site that is new to me.

I am sure most of you are already familiar with cash back sites. Basically you go though the site …do your shopping and then earn some cash back on your shopping.  Through GoGetSale you can access over 600 shops and millions of goods and I think getting cash back when you have been shopping is always a lovely treat and such a smart way to shop.

GoGet Sale does have another facet though which make it unique.

Basically through the power of your social media you are encouraged you invite friends to be part of your shopping network. If they buy something they get cash back too BUT you also get commission on all of their purchases. And if their friends join up you get commission when they shop too. That’s pretty awesome right. I love win win situations.

Plus there is no joining fee.

Her is an example of how it works

Sounds great right. And because there are no costs involved you might as well give it a go. My daughter loves build a bear workshop and they give 4% cash back at the moment if you buy form build a bear workshop..great stuff. Something I would be happy to share via facebook and twitter too and it takes mere moments. This may well encourage other people to want to join and so my network begins.

Fabulous  stuff.

Simple, community based and thrifty. Just the way I like things to be.


To join just click here



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