5 simple ways to get your child interested in cooking


In these days where processed food is so quick cheap and convenient rising obesity levels and poor diet reflects how it really is not so good for us. We need to encourage the next generation to cook from scratch using real ingredients and to be creative and resourceful in their cooking. Not only will this […]


10 tips for saving money with a family

3 £20 notes in a jar

With the cost of raising a child until their 21st birthday rising to £225,000, it is clear that as a family, we need to budget more. Starting a family, or adding to your family comes with many challenges, so here are some everyday ways I look at saving money Shopping alone (or better, ordering my […]


The cost of running a home today


The cost of running a home can just feel all too much can’t it? Does it get you down. I find by organizing myself and my budget really well we manage on what we have but I really do have to keep on top of things. Take a peek at the infographic below. Its an […]


Kin – a new family magazine


Kin is brand new magazine from Mamas and Papas. Packed with tips, support and fun, Kin is substance as well as style. There’s advice on sleepless nights, tantrums and all the other frustrations that parents encounter as well as appreciating the funny side of being dobbed in by your four year-old and a guide to […]


Simple ideas for a rich life –August

Simple ideas for a rich life –August

Simple ideas for a rich life this month are exactly that simple, ordinary things you can do to make this month matter and memory making. Have a wonderful time x Friends We have just spent the weekend in Wales with some old and much loved friends of ours. My children’s days this summer have been […]


Five top tips for car travel with kids

travelling with kids in cars

Are we nearly there yet is one of those phrases that sets my teeth on edge. Once its been said  I know it will be said again shortly after and gain and again…sigh. Its a phrase I dread. Long experience has taught me to be well prepared when travelling with kids. My top tips would […]


How to survive the school holidays


So the school holidays are about rolling into their final weeks and I don’t know about you but my energy and purse strings are feeling the strain a little. Cue the wonderful Liz Fraser, celebrated author and modern family expert at care.com to give us some survival tips for the last stretch! Make the most […]


Personalised stationery for children


We have been reviewing some lovely personalised stationery products from Stuck On You My goodness Stuck on You sell everything personlised; drinks bottle, place mat, lunch boxes, labels and tags of all kinds, puzzles, clothes, aprons, bibs, art smocks and even toy boxes. My favourite things of all…stationery is something they do beautifully Oh how […]


A fun idea for a teddy bears picnic (and a free download)


Last week my daughter had her little friend around to play and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day for a teddy bears picnic in the garden. I have been sent  a brilliant game from Waitrose an Alphabet Game (highly recommended and you can download here)  for the children to complete in the […]


Getting a home when you live on a budget

Houses made of money

Getting a home when you live on a budget Home ownership is becoming increasingly more difficult for large sectors of the population. The banks and building societies have tightened up on lending criteria and you will also have to be able to provide a hefty deposit if you are considering buying your own home. The […]


How to get 50% off kids magazines

How to save 50 off kids magazinesge

I just want to tell you abouyt a great new find Kid Mags Store. It’s basically a new online store that sells back-issue magazines at a substantial discount to the cover price. Kids love magazines and they are great for trips away, car journeys etc. but they can be very expensive.  Unless they subscribe kids […]


Win a gorgeous PaddlePak from Trunki


My daughter was sent this lovely dolphin Paddlepak from Trunki for us to review and Oh! it has been such a big hit PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack which has proved to be perfect days out and trips to the pool or beach. Made from lightweight and durable material, it’s designed to stop wet […]