5 tips to keep warm in the chilly British summertime

keep warm

I know its July but I had to put the heating on this morning!! Living in Britain really does make for a diverse summer wardrobe doesn’t it! I have warm coats, waterproofs, wellies and flip flops all crowded in our cloakroom, Its no exactly the sunny summer holidays here in Nottingham . i have been […]


Back to School at Eden Hall Spa


Each year I go with a couple of other bloggers (Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary and Penny from Parent Shaped)  to review a rather gorgeous local spa Eden Hall. The purpose of our review is to test out their back to school package . Eden Hall Spa is set within acres of  gorgeous grounds […]


How to Find a Good School

how to find a good school

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child, so finding a good school for them may seem a daunting task. However, by doing your homework, you can take on this challenge and succeed. Importantly, you need to remember that it’s not just about finding a good school, but finding the right school […]


Quick money saving tips for busy parents

quick money saving tips

Everything has to be done pretty quickly when you are a parent doesn’t it and money saving plans can feel like long winded chores that such up your time. But they really don’t have too. here is my list of quick money saving tips. I hope you find the time to give a few ago. […]


Chrome Bankers Lamp

Fullscreen capture 26072015 193549

I love my bedroom. Our house is a whirl of primary colours, noisy kids, food, felt tips, books, shoes, toys, coats and bags. It is often messy and usually cluttered. Our bedroom is our sanctuary and completely different to the rest of our child-centric house. It is blue and white and peaceful and calm. At […]


How to create the ultimate superhero pyjama party

Superheroes are all the rage for children, and when it comes to planning an action-packed themed birthday it can be the ultimate party choice. If you are planning a pyjama party for your little one, superhero themes can go down a treat with them and their friends. By following a few tips, you can easily […]


7 thrifty craft ideas to see you through the summer

thrifty crafts

Are you looking for thrifty craft tips to see you through the summer.   1. Stick crafts are tons of fun. involve a lovely walk before hand to find them and can live outdoors and not clutter your house (plus they are free!) 2. Stone crafts are often beautiful, a natural resource and again encourage […]


Save money and reduce waste with Stroppymoo


Stroppymoo is such a funny name for a product don’t you think? I actually think it’ s rather fabulous! For years barbers would “strop” their razors up and down leather straps before shaving their customers, the Stroppymoo effectively replicates that process for modern multi blade razors. Did you know razor blades are one of the […]


5 adorable kids accessories you wish you could have

froz bag

If you’re still a Disney fan and are first in the queue at the cinema when a new film comes out for kids, then you know the pain of seeing a child with an amazing accessory that you know will either not fit you or isn’t practical for adult life. So, just to really make […]


How to pay off your debt in 8 simple steps

pay off your debt

It is pretty easy to get into debt but not so easy to get out of it! I have put together a few tips to help you out and they are pretty simple really -the key is actually doing them. Action is everything where debt is concerned. Sitting around moaning or worrying about it doesn’t […]



story cards

Kids all over the UK are looking forward to the end of term, but for many parents the summer holidays can be a challenge. If you’re worrying about how you’ll entertain the kids every day for six or sometimes even seven weeks, read on. We’ve compiled a list of fun games that will keep children […]


The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life


One of the biggest struggles that parents and carers face is finding the ‘right’ way to parent. And with so much conflicting advice from friends and loved ones and a plethora of parenting books available, it’s of little wonder that many parents are left feeling confused and unsure of who to listen to! Kids Don’t […]