A fun idea for a teddy bears picnic (and a free download)


Last week my daughter had her little friend around to play and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day for a teddy bears picnic in the garden. I have been sent  a brilliant game from Waitrose an Alphabet Game (highly recommended and you can download here)  for the children to complete in the […]


Getting a home when you live on a budget

Houses made of money

Getting a home when you live on a budget Home ownership is becoming increasingly more difficult for large sectors of the population. The banks and building societies have tightened up on lending criteria and you will also have to be able to provide a hefty deposit if you are considering buying your own home. The […]


How to get 50% off kids magazines

How to save 50 off kids magazinesge

I just want to tell you abouyt a great new find Kid Mags Store. It’s basically a new online store that sells back-issue magazines at a substantial discount to the cover price. Kids love magazines and they are great for trips away, car journeys etc. but they can be very expensive.  Unless they subscribe kids […]


Win a gorgeous PaddlePak from Trunki

My daughter was sent this lovely dolphin Paddlepak from Trunki for us to review and Oh! it has been such a big hit PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack which has proved to be perfect days out and trips to the pool or beach. Made from lightweight and durable material, it’s designed to stop wet […]


Eco Craft: Milk Bottle Elephants


We have always crafted from our recycling bin…its one of those essentials for a thrifty parent! Milk bottles, silver foil, egg boxes and cereal packets have all found their way into our arts and crafts projects. I was a little sceptical about the eco craft Go Create sets from Tesco.   What could they add […]


How to give up shampoo and have happy hair

I have long admired Lucy AitkenRead, she has big dreams, thoughts and ideals and she puts them into practice. I also admire her for her rather lovely hair. In fact when I first met her (at an awards ceremony) she had it in a sort of 40′s updo and it looked amazing. I told her […]


What does an 11 year old know about money? (we asked Hanna)

what does an 11 year old know about money

An interview with  Hanna aged 11, daughter of the lovely Helen Jessup who blogs at  The Crazy Kitchen.   Do you get pocket money? NO!   Do you think that is enough? NO!   How much do you think you should get? £2 per week   What would you spend it on? A telescope   […]


Summer Essentials for Kids

ninja fairy

I am never without sunscreen or a sunhat for the children in the summer holidays they are always stashed at the bottom of my ‘never ending ‘ handbag  with an extra set in the boot of my car. The English weather can change in a a moment and these really are essentials if its hot! […]


Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio


We have been doing lots of craft this summer holidays and the more they do the more ‘into it’ my children are…. growing in confidence and happy to try new things. I was delighted to be sent the new Bloom Pops set from Cool Create to review as using fabric adds a new dimension to […]


SodaStream Play Review (and 20% off)

sodastream play

The SodaStream Play is a new innovation from SodaStream and it is rather sleek and  rather gorgeous. We were delighted to be sent one to review. It is   minimal by design, and ultra-simple to use and to my blessed relief it is also ultra simple to put together. It took me and my lovely […]


Simple Play Ideas: Folded Paper Monster

simple paper game for kids

Sometimes you are stuck  for a while with a restless child with nothing to do and nothing to play with …maybe you are waiting for a meal in a restaurant, stuck in a dentists waiting room. A restless bored child can be a real pain and you need a few tricks up your sleeve to […]


What does a 10 year old know about money (we asked Miss E)

10 year old know about money

Miss E is the daughter of Jen from LoveChicLiving. She is 10 years old and a very clever young lady. Let’s have a look at what she knows about money… Do you get pocket money? E – sometimes How much do you get? E – £1.50 Do you think that is enough? E – yes […]