Summer Make Up from Asda

curl em

I was sent some new to the market, lovely summer make up from Asda to review. Asda makeup is always good value. These products were fun and funky too and my friend’s gorgeous daughter Nia had a good look at them on our behalf and made this fabulous review video…   Nia loved the apples [...]


Cool Bandz


You know when you go swimming or to a concert or theme park and you get to wear a band? Well a new craft toy has arrived that lets you make your own and it is called Cool Bandz and it is by Cool Create. It cost £17.59. Such a simple craft but lots of [...]


How to survive the summer holidays parenting tip #1

ninja fairy

Children love nothing more than for you to play with them from time to time. Proper get soaking wet , totally muddy or paint splattered, worn out and smiling, play with them. Immersing your self in play makes you happy too (and it keeps you young)


How to incorporate Mindfulness into Kids Crafting

Mindfulness and kids crafting

My children love to play with Hama beads and we were sent some beautiful sets recently form Craft Merrily which they adored putting together. My older nieces came over to and spent a good hour having Hama time (couldn’t resist sorry!) I realised something whilst watching the kids fit the beads into the shapes and [...]


Storytelling at John Lewis this summer

john lewis storytelling

I am storytelling at John Lewis this summer in aid of Barnardos the most fabulous children’s charity. It’s free and should be lots of fun and there are lots of storytelling sessions from all sorts of people all through the summer. John Lewis is 150 years old this year and this is part of their [...]


Great value personalised wall art


I have been looking for some good value personalised wall art for our playroom for a while. I say playroom because it is where the children play and actually it’s where my husband and his friends play guitar too. I wanted the word PLAY on our walls. Love this wall transfer  from  it was [...]


What does a 9 year old know about money? (We asked Frankie…)

9 year old know about money

Frankie is my son and he is 9. I am expecting him to know a thing or two about money….let’s see How much pocket money do you get Frankie?  £2 Is that enough ? No because things are expensive How much do you think you should get? £3.50  (after this interview I moved it up [...]


Gorgeous Washable Cool Stripes Rug from Esprit

cool stripes rug, esprit rug, washable rug

Isn’t this washable rug just gorgeous!It’s called Cool Stripes in Turquoise and its from Esprit. I am do in love with it’s bright pretty colours and it has just zinged up our all white bathroom. As you probably know by now as much as I love to have a beautiful home and I adore lovely [...]


Go Ape at Sherwood Pines


We spent last Sunday on a day out at Go Ape at Sherwood Pines sponsored by Vimto. I couldn’t climb due to to some health issues but my hubby and kids had a go on their junior tree tops course. To say they had a fun time is an understatement. Both kids surprised me with [...]


Mini Hornit Review

mini hornit

We have been reviewing the Mini Hornit and I can’t wait to show you our little is so much fun  (sorry I filmed it  the wrong way around I always do this and never realise till I upload it!) Just launched the Mini Hornit is the world’s first lights and sound FX device for [...]


5 Baby Items that are Worth the Investment


    When you are pregnant, you find that people left, right and centre are trying to tell you what you do and don’t need for when your baby arrives. The problem is, if you did buy every single thing your family and friends suggested, you might end up somewhat out of pocket. There are [...]


Does it cost you £40 a week to feed your child?


The NatWest Child Cost Calculator ( is an interactive tool with collective data revealing the cost of raising a child from the when they are born right up totheir late teens. . For a child between 4-12 the expected cost of weekly food shop is £40. Hmmm. It sounds high to me ..what do you [...]