CheapCheap the browser extension that can save you lots of money

Have you heard of CheapCheap?


The purpose of the browser extension is to find better prices and coupon deals for online shoppers automatically and helps users to save some money.

Sounds good huh!  I often find a better deal after a purchase and a discount code when I’ve already shopped and it is so frustrating for a budgeter like me!

Price comparison and coupon websites can be time consuming and you don’t always turn up in date vouchers which is annoying. The for Google Chrome handles the search for the best offers with one click.

It’s only been out a week but the extension already knows more than 3000 Shops  in over 20 countries. And it is free.

It is so convenient – a great time saving and money saving concept.

It works by detecting prices and recommending better offers automatically, independently and  immediately. Once you have installed the extension you don’t have to do anything. It can also find coupons.

Would you like to see it working?

Here I am on the Next website and the little CheapCheap extension has immediately found 11 coupon offers without me doing anything (can you see the 11 appear in the little red box?)



What a fabulous idea! So neat and so simple.

Take a look at the CheapCheap website and download the extension today to effortlessly save you money whilst you online shop



What a wonderful find!



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