Converse Dainty Ox Pistachio

I have a fair few pairs of Converse it has to be said.

They really are my favourite shoes. They can be washed, they always look great, they are super comfy and you can dash about in them (which is perfect for a busy mum). I have a blue pair , a very old red pair and a white pair.

I have long hankered after something a little more unusual in the way of Converse in terms of colour and I was delighted to be sent the Pistachio Dainty Ox to review.

The pistachio is a new colour for 2016 and it is just lovely. A really light green that make s me think of ice cream! These work beautifully with jeans and shorts and I have a lovely white summer dress that I have worn them with and it worked really well.

shoe bec

Dainty Ox are a new style to me I usually have the Ctas classic Converse style. Dainty Ox are are more slimline and feminine version of the original and apparently the more streamlined fit has been designed for women’s feet. They feel lighter to me and I thought they were lovely actually and would buy them again.

I have had so many compliments on these shoes.

This pair were from Jones Bootmaker who have a large range of Converse and they cost £33. Jones Bootmaker sell their own brand (which they have been making for over £150 years) as well as wide range of lovely designer brand, shoes boots and trainers. They cater for children men and women, They currently have a 15% off sale so do pop and have a look!

Converse Dainty Ox PistachioThe other pair that really caught my eye in their collection were these really unusual blue Converse with a perforated canvas upper. these are also brand new this year and I think they are super cool.

blue con

I think these are gong to be a big hit. These cost £40 and are going straight on my birthday wishlist.



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