Cool Bandz

You know when you go swimming or to a concert or theme park and you get to wear a band? Well a new craft toy has arrived that lets you make your own and it is called Cool Bandz and it is by Cool Create. It cost £17.59.

Such a simple craft but lots of fun and it can be used time and again. It is a very simple concept really you just decorate a strip of paper with sticker then run it through the super easy laminator. There is no mess and no heat like usual laminators so it make it safer for children to use.

Then you just punch holes, add sparkles and hole punch (included)

Then you simply attach it your your wrist.

When you have run out of the supplied paper they suggest cutting up magazines or decorating and drawing on your own strips of paper to make more.

Great fun for craft loving kids who fancy some new jewelry!

My kids and their pals had lots of fun with this and found it easy to use.



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