Disney Headbanz Review

Oh it has been fun to make this Disney headbanz review

Disney Hedbanz Card Game  (£15.56)

disney headbanz review

This is such a fun and silly game.  Basically you have to guess who you are by asking the other players questions which they can only answer yes or no too. They can alsll see the card on your headband that says who you are but you can’t. The person who guesses first wins.

Everyone looks utterly daft as I am sure you can imagine. We had such a laugh. You do need to be a Disney lover really but you don’t have to get the names exactly right  e.g you can just say fairy instead of Tinkerbell..so younger children can play too.

Great fun and a lovely game for Christmas time when the whole family can get involved . You can have 2-6 players and the recommended age is 7+ but younger Disney fans would be fine too. My 6 year old was the best at this!

We thoroughly enjoyed it.


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