Endless Play: Making Muisc

Hello – I hope you have had a lovely week.
We have been having ‘show time’ here; my little girl is really interested in dancing at the moment so she has been doing her ‘ballet dancing’ for me whilst her big brother has been providing the music. Definitely one for the video camera.
My son has always loved music. As a very tiny baby Great Grandma fashioned him a little shaker out of dried peas and an old vitamin tub she had (she lived through the war and she is very resourceful). He would gaze at her in complete adoration as she shook it. Later he would push it as he crawled and give it a good rattle himself. This interest in making noise has grown as he has grown. Sometimes it’s just NOISE but sometimes he makes music….
This is part of my Endless Play blogpost this week, a new, weekly post   which I am writing for Chad Valley. I would love you to pop over to their facebook page and read my ful post  🙂


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