February’s Britmums Blog Carnival

Hello and welcome to this month’s BritMums blog carnival and what a lovely round up I have for you today. BritMums are a rather fabulous and feisty lot; they know how to eat well, take on a challenge, have a good laugh, show their kids a good time, to cherish memories and to look forward.  And of course they like to have their say and climb mountains too! Inspiring reads…..

Taking on challenges

Debbie at Johnson Babies is proudly sharing her wonderful salt dough decorations from Valentine’s Day.  Janine from 21st Century Mummy is sharing her Big Black Box Diet and challenging you to do the same. Elaine over at Fun as a Gran is telling us how her grandson Bob is getting on with his home education Over at Mums Do Travel, Gretta has been Ice Driving intentionally! Jen at Love Chic Living is challenging us to make a moodboard and helping us out with this wonderful moodboard tutorial.

How clever!

On my sister blog Family Budgeting I have been undertaking a  Homemakeover on a Budget. It’s a bit daunting- have you seen the clutter!


Having a laugh

Jacqui at Mummy’s Little Monkey really made me laugh with her costume drama post. Kirstie over at the adventure project is sharing her post on everyday fun for free. Ideas close to my frugal heart! The shovel list over at little rascal reviews was a very funny read even though it was fill of moans! What would go on your shovel list? Sarah at Crewcut and Newt made me giggle with her post how the internet killed the tooth fairy And a newbie blogger, MsBlue at The Popcorn Girls, shares the bizarre thoughts and meanderings of mind that come late at night in More Late night Crap I have had many similar thoughts and this will make you laugh out loud!


Eating well

Sue and Pen and Spoon asks Why do we Hide Vegetables from Kids? Renee at Ren’s Recipes writes an interesting posts on sticking to my values even at a kids party  I can so relate to this, we are all vegetarian, and my kids parties and even my wedding were strictly vegetarian too (obviously not to everyone’s approval!)  Annie Spratt has been tickling my veggie taste buds over at The Foodie Blog with her Slow Cooked Italian Bean Stew.  Over at Bubbablue and Me Emma starts her son on cutlery right from the start and tells us why.


Having fun

Lovely Lisa form Hollybobbs is inspired by our much missed Kerry from Multiple Mummy to try out a sensory bath. How fab! Kirsty at Damson lanes shares with us how to make a recycled planter and water jug (a great eco-lesson for the kids too) Over at Story Snug, Catherine has been reviewing a lovely book called Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella a twist on a traditional tale! Over at Out2playinthegarden Lynda has been visiting a stunning community garden


Looking back

Ruth at Dorkymum has been reflecting on her high school days  and crushes friendships and those stand out moments Wendy at Little mans mum writes a letter to her 23 month old son looking back over his first two years (and made me teary for those days)


Striding forward

Over at Occasional Assistants Sarah is sharing some useful twitter hashtags for small businesses Over at Pretty Special Melanie share s how she juggles a new baby and a new business Over at Little lily pad co. Donna is telling us about the 30 minute parent pledge she has made to spend more time with her family


Having their say

Liz Jarvis is speaking up for fashion loving feminists (one if which I am proud to be) and Rachel at mummy kindness is calling for us to respect each other and each others differences and learn from them in her post opportunities in opposites Both intelligent and thought provoking reads.

Last but not least we have….


A Special Mention

BritMums very own Mari is off to climb Snowdon this weekend for comic relief with some other wonderful bloggers as part of Team Honk. We would like to wish them all love and luck and say how proud we are. If you would like to sponsor them here is the sponsorship link


I think you will agree all these BritMums are really rather fabulous!


Until next month….



  1. February 26, 2013 / 10:31 am

    Great round-up.

    I need to check out that post on Polyvore and learn how to use it, it’s such a great tool. x
    Liz Burton recently posted..Fangtastic Red Nose Day CookiesMy Profile

  2. February 26, 2013 / 11:37 am

    Thank you Becky for hosting. What an amazing carnival and so many posts. Sarah

  3. February 26, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    Thank you for the mention. Who doesn’t love a good old moan?! Although it seems to be a recurring theme at the moment lol!
    Little Rascal Reviews recently posted..Strange Gifts….My Profile

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  5. 21st century mummy
    February 27, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    Thanks for mentioning 21st Century Mummy. Looking forward to having a proper read of this later x

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