A fun idea for a teddy bears picnic (and a free download)

Last week my daughter had her little friend around to play and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day for a teddy bears picnic in the garden.


I have been sent  a brilliant game from Waitrose an Alphabet Game (highly recommended and you can download here)  for the children to complete in the garden. They had to find items listed from A-Z and tick them off as they went along.  This took them about an hour and they giggled and giggled.


They had to be creative too. When looking for a cros roads in the garden they got a bit stumped, till one of them had the genius idea of laying across the other and making their own cross roads..impressive. The zebra was found in the garden after all  despite this being a trick question (my son put a little toy one in the girls den!)

We all had a great time.


Waitrose also sent me some food vouchers for the picnic and I did my first ever shop with them. I found the website extremely easy to use and to register with and the shop was done quickly and I found all I wished for and more. Loved that I could order fresh flowers too.

The delivery was prompt and I have to say the delivery worker was full of smiles and good humour and really helpful ( the day before my regular supermarket had delivered  1/2 late with a real grump and left me and the kids to struggle with heavy boxes. ) It makes such a difference when you have nice service don’t you think?


Well I have to say the quality fo food  fabulous. the fruit and bread and vegetables were fresh with good life on them and everything else was tip top. Not as pricey at all as i would have thought and free delivery because I spent over $£60 and they price match Tesco on branded items (who would have thought it!) AND you get £10-15 off your first online shop.




Teddy bears picnic game free printable


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