Furniture tips for new mums

It is a such a joy to plan and decorate a room for your baby  but it can also be overwhelming. Parenting magazines and catalogues showcase so many different and fabulous furniture styles for little ones it can be really hard to know which direction to go.

Well I do hope this will help  – here are a few tips for choosing the furniture for your baby’s room.

Furniture tips for new mums

  • A Crib That Breathes

The very least any baby bedroom needs is a cot or  crib for your little one to sleep in. They will spend a fair bit of time sleeping in their early years so this is a really important piece of furniture and you want to get it right.  There are few considerations that need to be made. First of all, it should be deep enough to prevent the baby to toppling it over and also sturdy enough so it can withstand a growing baby pushing on it. It needs to be in great condition and up to standard safety requirements.  Thirdly, the mattress should be big enough to leave no room on the bare bed and it should be new.


  • Chest With A Changer

First-time mums and dads  in search of  suitable baby furniture often end up buying too much and it invariably adds to the clutter and leaves them out of pocket. . But in clearing the clutter you don’t need to compromise on functionality and purpose  No, you really do not need to since there is a host of sophisticated multi-purpose furniture that can take care of multiple needs without taking too much floor space.

Instead of buying a separate changing table and a chest of drawers, you can just opt for a beautiful chest with changer. Most parents consider a changing table no longer necessary when their child grows up but the chest can be used throughout their childhood making this a very practical buy.


  • Consider Storage

One of  the secrets of a great room is finding adequate storage within just the right amount of furniture, without having to buy more and cluttering the room.

For instance small toys such as dolls or blocks can be stored under the crib. A changing table with hidden toy storage is also really useful and it’s good to have a toy to distract your baby whilst you change them, close to hand. These smart ideas to create extra storage space within a  baby’s  room furniture are increasingly popular as people are keen to create more space and a more minimalist look, Smart furniture with great storage can help making your baby room feel bigger, lighter and more airy and spacious.



  • Find The Right Colours

When it comes to the baby room, the colours on the wall and furnishings are not the only things crucial to making the room bright and vibrant. The furniture pieces can equally play a big role in setting the right contrast and visual effect if chosen appropriately.

For instance, in a grey themed baby bedroom, a few bright coloured furniture with fluorescent hues can just offer a brilliant look. In  a soft-hued baby room, a few darker coloured pieces of  furniture pieces can work wonder to create depth. Using primary colours colours in furniture and furnishings here and there can bring so much fun to a room too

If you want your baby’s room to be a really happy one then colours can be your biggest ally.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas and feel inspired!








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