How to get help with child maintenance

 The cost of raising children

All sorts of high figures can be bandied about but one thing I think every parent agrees on is the fact that raising children is expensive.

Food , shelter, clothing – just providing the basics is bad enough. But then you parties, school trips, toys, books, activities, transport, holidays, agggh. Almost all my money goes on my children and despite being with my partner and us both working flat out we do not find making ends meet very easy at all.

I cannot imagine how we would cope on just one wage.


How about you?

For all the single parents I know and especially those struggling to get the child maintenance that they are entitled too this situation is even worse.

Financial advisors PayPlan have created a useful new resource hub, designed to help single parents navigate the UK’s child maintenance process. This resulted from their research which found that over a fifth (21.4%) of single parents in the UK are not receiving child maintenance payments despite qualifying for them.

That is a shocking amount isn’t it!

The  Child Maintenance Hub contains tools to inform parents about the range of payments available and support them through the process.

Key resources include

–  The Child Maintenance Process – A clear and downloadable guide about how the process works,

– Child Maintenance Calculator – A tool to help you decide which arrangement is best suited for you

– The Cost of Raising a Child – An interactive slider to help understand the costs associated with raising a child.

Child Maintenance Research Report – This is a document filled with research findings from PayPlan’s latest survey on Child Maintenance

Child maintenance is obviously not working for a majority of people and so this hub is a much needed resource. Do share this with any friends you know who may be struggling in relation to this.

About PayPlan

PayPlan helps people deal with their debts and get on with living their life. Every year, PayPlan offers free comprehensive guidance on a wide range of practical, long term debt solutions to more than 80,000 people.


 It is really important to seek hep if you are struggling with money rather than just getting into increasing difficulty.




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  1. April 4, 2017 / 2:53 am

    This sounds like a godsend. When I became a single mum around 16 years ago I was completely lost. I didn’t even contact anyone for child maintenance prior to court because I didn’t realise I could, I thought it all had to happen via court! Idiot! This sort of service–and an increased awareness of rights, will be so very helpful to many single parents xx

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