Handy saving tips for families

We are constantly bombarded with tips and ideas on how to save money. While we are all aware that times are tough some of the tips can be rather patronising.

“Cook more meals”, “Switch off your lights”, and “DIY your toys from scrap” are all real ways to save money, but not always the most achievable. Sometimes life’s little realities simply get in the way.

This doesn’t mean you should throw your hands in the air and give up. We’ve compiled a list of clever saving tips that are manageable even if you aren’t the handiest person and time is hard to come by.

Sign up with loyalty cards

You might be showered with the occasional e-mails and leaflets, but signing up with different FREE loyalty cards is a great way to get some extra. Nectar points, for instance, could see you get annual passes for fantastic attractions or book flights for cheaper prices.

Recycling can pay

Recycling is essential for saving our precious environment, but it can also add a few coins to your pocket! Old phones and even printer cartridges could fetch a few pounds if you take them to charities. Check out the LoveMoney guide for more information.


Make or shop for lined curtains

If you feel confident with your ability to make lined curtains, you can cut your heating bill with thermal blackout lined curtains. If you don’t trust your sewing abilities, you can always shop for them relatively cheap. After all, you’ll end up saving quite a bit!

Sign up with free magazines

Reading is a great activity for kids and it’s possible to find some fantastic freebies for the whole family. Lego, for example, offers a free two-year subscription. If you want something for the adults, then check out the free classic books for Kindle available at Amazon.com

Start a ‘no spend day’

It sounds a lot harder than it is – a ‘no spend day’ can do wonders for your wallet. Make sure you pick a day in the week, where no one is allowed to buy anything. The simple act of having to postpone purchases can change your spending habits and make you think twice about whether you need stuff.

Always voucher when you need something

If you have essential things to buy, always check sites that offer latest deals & discounts on wide gamut of products, VoucherBin is the one from the list. Don’t get crazy with the voucher offers; use them up as you need them!

Don’t DIY unless you know what you’re doing

Most saving guides always tell you to DIY the new cupboards or make your own furniture. While DIY is always an option to keep in mind, don’t start testing your skills unless you know what you are doing. Projects such as painting the walls can end up costing quite a bit more, if you mess it up!

If you don’t trust your abilities, even after a few handy YouTube videos, check if your friends can help. Swapping skills over a beer and a pizza can be a fun way to hang out with friends.

Turn down the heating by one degree

You must have heard this tip before. But if you still haven’t acted on it – do it now! You can save a lot of money by turning down the heating by a single degree.

Don’t start wearing winter coats and hats indoors, but a few warm layers won’t hurt you. You’ll soon get used to having a cardigan or woolly socks to keep warm – if you even need them!

Start geo-caching

Want to organise a modern day treasure hunt for the family? Head down to geocaching.com and check out the information on this fun activity. It’s an addictive way to get some fresh air, have fun and make fantastic discoveries.

Furthermore, you can start your own geo-caching and clear up the house from some unwanted items. Small toys, old books and other such small items make great treasures!

Start using cash

We’re pretty used to paying things with cards, but this can lead to overspending rather quickly. Create a shopping budget before shopping for the groceries and take the budgeted amount in cash with you.

And make sure to share your saving tips in the comments section and check the blog for more ideas!

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  1. November 24, 2015 / 2:57 am

    Hi Becky,
    Great post! I got obsessed with saving money last year, and it has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I now value life more! It’s funny how you can take much more delight in little things when they become a ‘treat’!

    Some of the things I found work is deciding on a treat with the kids, it could be a small trip to the cinema or a meal, anything really. Then I make something on Word, something like “ADVENTURE TIME! Trip to Star Wars”, I print it out and stick it on a jar. Then I have my kids do chores for pocket money which they can put in the jar. When they save enough for their ticket we go.

    I buy the popcorn and treats before we go in to save money. We get cheap trip out & the kids learn the value of saving!

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