How to afford time off with your baby

How to afford time off with your baby

HiĀ  and a really warm welcome to my blog Baby Budgeting

I am so excited to be here. This is my first ever blogĀ  – I do hope you enjoy reading it.

How to afford time off with your baby , becky Goddard-hill

I am Becky. Mum to Franklyn aged 4 1/2 and Annalise age 21 months. I was the main breadwinner in my little family when I fell pregnant. Despite this, 5 years ago, in a financially feckless but heart driven move, I took a 6 year career break to raise my kids.

I am still off work to tell the tale and have learnt some fabulous financial tips along the way. I continue to learn and really want to support other mums and dads enjoy their precious time too.

I have just written a book called How to Afford Time Off with your Baby which is to be published by Vermilion in Sept. (so exciting- my first book!) which details 101 tips to ease the financial strain of raising a baby. I intend this blog to be a little weekly diary of my financial journey through parenting with tips, advice and shared experiences. I do hope you will join me.

Thrifty and frugal tips coming v soon!

Wishing you peace and sending a cuddle to your baby- till next time x Becky x


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