How to Make a Christmas Fairy Tree Decoration

This post was originally by by Anjie Daviosn who has kindly given permission to share it, She has her own fabulous crafty blog HERE

First paint your peg like the photos below. You could use acrylic paints, indelible pens, metallic marker pen (for laces on the ballet pumps) and glitter. Allow the peg to dry. Now make a pom pom following the instructions here Follow the tutorial to the point were the two cardboard rings are covered with wool. Take your peg and insert it into the centre of the wool covered circle. Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut through all layers of yarn between the two edges of cardboard. Ease the two discs of cardboard apart slightly, double a piece of yarn and tie between the two circles. Now gently pull away the two cardboard discs, one over the head the other over the legs of your fairy. Fluff up the pom pom, to make it secure you can glue in place on the peg. Next glue on wings, I used felt for mine sprinkled with glitter for extra sparkle. To display the fairy tie fishing line or invisible thread around the fairies neck.

Okay back to the not quite so crafty Baby Budgeting household:
We bought a little kit from Asda that cost just £1.50 and made some of our own. Check these out: It took uis avout 1 hour to make the three that come in the pack and we had the best time. One for Great grandma one for Gran and one or us to go on the tree, an absolute bargain!    x


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