How to make the most of a small bathroom

make the most of a small bathroom

We don’t have a very big bathroom  at all in fact its a little cosy! But living on a budget means an extension is not really on the cards for us in the near future so maximising the space we have needs to be our focus. We have painted the whole space white so it feels calm serene and clean and we keep toiletries out of site so it doesn’t feel cluttered or busy.

Personally I also like to keep toothbrushes out of sight and use a soap dispenser rather than real soap. Clean and hygienic always looks more spacious I think!

I coordinate towels and flannels and use neutral colours to add to a streamlined effect.  I also coordinate accessories such as toilet brushes  and toilet rolls so they kind of merge into the whiteness of the room and make it look sleeker.

Having it light, bright and airy definitely gives the feeling of greater space to this little room too. The LED mirrors from Pebble Grey lend themselves perfectly to small bathrooms as they provide lovely additional light.  They look so sleek and stylist too and I love this long slim one. It has an infra red sensor to activate lights and a demister pad so it stays steam lovely is that!

Lena LED Mirror

And what about this infinity mirror that gives the optical illusion of never ending three dimensional light. Now that surely would open up a room. (How super cool is that!)


It is really important to make the most of what you have and maximise the sense of space rather than worry about the lack of it.

Hope these tips help!

How to make the most of a small bathroom





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  1. Jody
    February 10, 2015 / 9:58 am

    Love this. Our bathroom is tiny!

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