Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Owl and Baby

Little Live Pets

W are all rather in love with the little Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Owl and Baby – Nightstar Family that we have been sent to review from Character.

Mama owl can copy what you say simply by pressing a button on her tummy and its is very cute to hear her repeat back evoking lots of giggles ! Mama owl also feeds her baby if you gently press her back and lean her over to touch beaks.  baby makes sweet little munching sounds and burps…a lot!

Baby owl loves to sit in the palm of you hand and gently hoots and the owls sing a variety of little tunes to each other too which is just adorable.

My seven year old was really taken with these and is rather attached! You can also get the heartwing and gracewing owls and start a colony!

A rather sweet and gentle toy.


The pair cost £17.99  and can be purchased form the Character online shop


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