Loving our Zaini hats

Zaini sell fabulous handmade hats for mums and dads. They come in a whole rainbow of colours

and brilliant hat for the kids too over at Zaini Kids …….

All Zaini Kids hats are fully fleeced lined for the utmost comfort and quality

The idea of Zaini started in 2010 in a ski resort in Northern France, when Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper started hand knitting hats for friends because she couldnt find the kind she liked. Since then Zaini, and  Zaini Kids, has become an established brand which sells and distributes hand made products throughout the world . It i also a brand celebrities love (I’m thinking one direction Sadie Frost, District 3, JLS and now US!!

ZAINI hats are made from 100% acrylic which is extremely durable towards rain, snow and wind. It is not waterproof as such, but it will resist rain without altering the hat.They can be handwashed only at 40 degrees, rinse thoroughly and lay out to dry. Will be good as new.


Foer a handmade item they are competitively priced at £25 for adults and around £15 for the kids hats. Quite simply they are grogeous. The company aim for next day delivery too so if you aren’t sorted for Christmas on eof these are a great idea.

Annalise and I have opted for the clashing look!


Thank you Zaini for sending us these marvellous hats to review





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