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We all want our homes to be secure strongholds to protect our families. That’s why our ancestors built forts to guard against invasion, complete with moats, draw bridges and towers to keep them safe from any trouble below.

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Sadly, without a three acre lawn full of deciduous trees and millions of pounds to spend, building your own castle is no longer a feasible option for most of us. However, there are other options to consider as there is still nothing better than living in a house that makes you feel like a king or a queen. Online estate agents, Jet Homes have had some experience in helping people find their dream homes, a few castles at the same time; here are some of their essential tips.

Therefore, it is quite essential that you make sure that your house reflects this royal feeling. If you have been missing some action lately and want to back to the medieval Europe and enjoy your existence there, you must think about decorating your home as a castle. It is like an eternal fort living that would definitely make you feel good about yourself and your home. There are many ways in which you can turn your home into a castle. Some of them are mentioned below:

While you may not have much freedom to change the exterior of the house, a hint of remodelling can go a long way towards helping to find the look you want. Balconies and windows need to be in the traditional European fashion, starting as rectangular shapes at the bottom and then rounded from the top.

It is important to note that the doors of castles were always taller than they were wide. Adding stone walls will dramatically alter the appearance of your home, and some companies now offer stone veneers which is a much more lightweight and easy to achieve option. Of course, they may not have the option to include either a moat or a draw bridge… 😉

New stairs inside – with perhaps a spiral staircase being the perfect touch – can make a major difference, but it is worth consulting with an online estate agent like Jet Homes first. They can offer advice as to what impact these changes will have on the market value of your home, something which should certainly be taken into account.

If you are not in favour of reconstruction, then decorating the inside in a similar manner can still create a remarkable effect. Furniture is the most essential part of making a castle out of an ordinary house, with antique finish or gothic style items providing the required look.

Look for good examples of carvings and block design furniture in stores and take your time in selecting things that suit your house, while you will need to invest in much chunkier and bulkier furniture than usual.

One of the best things you can do here is to create a Pinterest account and get completely inspired with the different styles available on a variety of boards. You want to create a range of boards to ensure that you are getting the look and feel right for each room. Whether it’s a colour board to an accessories chart, you want to ensure that the overall appearance really brings out the best in your home appearance.

Decorative items follow a similar route, as once again the best thing is to look for are the bigger is better! Mosaic paintings and tiles are a good idea, while paving stones for kitchen and hallway floors provide a hint of reality for a small outlay.

Choose chunky bronze-looking or huge wooden statues and paintings to complete the look, and hang them in the type of overly wide gold frames you would associate with the era.
Whilst not all of us can afford a castle, what we can do is turn our homes into a beautiful homage by bringing out specific features to each room.


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