What sounds make your baby happy?

What sounds make your baby happy?

I love to look back at the time my children were babies.

So many things made them happy.

They loved people really smiling at them, big beamy smiles.

They also loved balloons, shiny, helium ones they could follow with their eyes. Taggies on blankets used to make them gurgle too with pure delight.

Lights dancing  around on Christmas trees or twinkling overhead would make them giggle and stare and certain sounds would really make them chuckle with glee.


The sounds they loved to hear

C&G Baby Club have a campaign entitled Sound of Happy and it’s made me think of the sounds that made my babies happy.

My son used to love the sounds of  classical music and country music, the songs I used to play him when he was in my  belly.  John Denver seemed to be his favourite! These songs always soothed him but made his eyes dance and his smile wide too.

He also liked the sound of trains and cars and a drumbeat, always a steady drumbeat.

My daughter loved us to tell her stories even when she was teeny tiny, the rhythmic and familiar sounds of our voices seemed to really give her both confidence and joy. It was my mums voice she loved the most though and without even seeing her enter the house she would just fizzle with excitement when she heard her voice.

She also like the sound of tinkly bells.

What a delight to recall these sounds and the joy they bought to my little babies lives. Precious memories indeed and something I think you never forget.


Join in the fun

I would just LOVE you to share what makes or made your babies happy, either in the blog comment box or by sharing your sounds using #SoundofHappy throughout social media.

I cannot wait to hear your stories.


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  1. August 15, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    My LP love when Im smiling to him, talking to him especially when Im doing something what sound like “cik” :D:D

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