Making a Baby Announcement

There are few things in life so exciting to share than news that your baby has been born,

You want to tell everyone their name, gender and weight. It is just the best of news and such a thrill. I wanted the world to know old friends, new ones, the lady at the post office!

Our plan was that my husband would text a couple of key friends who then had a list of people they would tell. In the end I decided I wanted to tell people myself and I ended up spending hours and a fortune on phone calls when I should have been both resting and saving a few pennies. I was just so over excited.

I let my mum call all the family which delighted her. Trouble was even after all these calls had been made everyone asked for  a photo so will still had to get pictures done and pay to post them out anyway!

A mass email would definately have been a cheaper and less time consuming option but could perhaps have lacked the personal touch AND many of my relatives  do not use computers or have smart phones.

Little One Prints – Baby Cards are a lovely option. You can pop on photos and all your baby birth detaisl and they become a lovely momento for the recipient too. You could just do these for the special people and older family perhaps  if you couldn’t stretch to doing everyone ( and then just mass email text the rest)


I have a very gossipy friend. J’s view was if I told her first we wouldn’t need to do anything else at all!






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