Making your own Christmas Cards in a Kodak Kiosk

Making your own Christmas cards can mean a glitter filled sticky mess on a (VERY) long Sunday afternoon, Usually these involve  kids who have had enough after you have made 2. Or it can mean less than 20 minutes in a Kodak Kiosk with everything done and no mess. They have a very special buy one get one free offer on their personalised Christmas cards at the moment so this a perfect option for you budgeters!

I haven’t used a Kodak Kiosk for a while but they are just amazingly up to date. They are now compatible with not only facebook but  iPhone’s too. All you have to do is simply download the Kodak Kiosk Connect App from iTunes and you are able to wirelessly transfer the pictures you want to use to the kiosk (using an andriod or an iPhone)  Minutes later you  have created your very own Christmas cards!

kodak kiosk App

Now that is impressive.

I am not at all technically able (my husband does most  of the technology behind my blogs ) and my kids have to turn on the Wii and DVD player as I have NO CLUE. Embar I was a little daunted about downloading an app and then going to use it. In the end it was so straightforward I was  shocked.

I decided for our Christmas cards I wanted a picture of my kids showing off the Christmas crafts they have been making.

Here is the Christmas craft we have been making at home.

homade christmas craft, angel craft

Here are my kids showing it off:  Take 1: (being daft!)

handmade decorations, snowflake paper craft

Here are my kids showing it off:  Take 2 (much better!)

christmas paper decorations

This was definitely the one I wanted to use. Now I know its not perfect and is a tad blurry but I love it for a number of reasons

1) They are both looking in in the right direction

2) They are both smiling

3) My son is relatively still (unheard of) and its just ‘them’ if you know what I mean.

So off I go armed with my picture on the iPhone (could be an android phone and an android app too) ready to make our Christmas cards.

Kevin at Marvellous Memories  in Mansfield,  where I headed to make my cards, was warm helpful and really clear. The kiosk is so intuitive though and straightforward I reckon this can be easily done without help. Certainly after the first time. Such a quick process too. I simply chose my template from some great Christmassy options, pressed about 3 buttons to upload my photo and then I got to write my text.

How fabulous.

I am loving the results too:

Kids christmas card

How lovely, instead of a generic, mass produced card these are our words, our photos and our style. I think that’s really special.

There are lots of Christmas themes you can choose from  so you can totally go with your preferred style. The range of greeting cards you can make is quite astounding; wedding, gradutaion or birthday cards, new baby cards , party invites and much more. Available in a variety of formats, you can choose from folded cards, or single-sided and double-sided flat cards. And it is just 3 steps.

  1. Pick a card.
  2. Personalise it.
  3. Print it… in seconds.

I will be using this for birthday cards in the future. Prices vary from store to store but at Marvellous Memories  single cards were £2.99 and worth every penny, If you order over 20 copies prices went down to around £1 each which is excellent value for personalised cards that you can collect immediately.

The Kodak quality, as ever, is gorgeous, outstanding and completely different to anywhere else. We gave our card to Gran who loved it.

Making your own Christmas cards in a Kodak Kiosk is  fun, fast and convenient and these cards are truly personal.

I will show you how I got on making a Kodak Kiosk Calendar later in the week.




  1. December 3, 2012 / 3:40 pm

    Fantastic results, if anybody would like to find there local Kodak Express store we have shops all over the country, find your shop today…

  2. December 4, 2012 / 6:36 am

    Oh yes its a brilliant shop

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