Marvellous Make Up on A Budget

When Spring comes around we all wish to look a little more glowing right even if we can’t afford a quick week abroad to add some colour to our cheeks.

Well Asda have a speedy and cheap solution to getting your glow on this Spring and they have bought out a lovely new range of make up which I have been reviewing.

George blush cheeky £3 is a lovely fresh pink that makes you look like you are blushing or super healthy. I love it. Its light and fresh and goes on so easily.The blush also comes in sorbet and little gem (which are more bronze/tan colours)


Next I trialled a new product for me  a glow highlighter


With this you are meant to apply it in dots to your cheek or brow bone for an instant glow. I love it it added a really healthy sheen very quickly and with only a very light covering of make up. The George glow shine luminous highlighter costs £3.50.

Both products are available in store or from Asda direct what an inexpensive way to look like you have had a holiday by using make up on a budget!



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