Movies for the Holiday Season

Warner bros recently sent me two movies to review and they were rather lovely actually and perfect for the holidays so I thought I would tell you little about them.

Polar Express is a gorgeous Christmas story

It is a bout a lIttle American boy, who does not believe in Santa. He is enticed to  board the Polar Express on Christmas Eve and is taken to the North Pole to meet Santa. He had s many many adventures along the way and makes some unlikely friendships! It is full of action and twist and turns and all the magical loveliness you need in a classic Christmas movie, which this undoubtedly is. The Polar Express is £5 well spent at Amazon. I loved it just as much as the kids and it is truly a family film.

It is also available on blu ray or in 3d.

New Years Eve is also a  heart warming film and I am so happy to have watched it. It’s all about putting the past behind you and fresh starts. It reminded me of Love, actually as it is packed full of love stories and moves between one story and the other with lots of intercrossing. It is funny, sad, moving, reflective and full of LOVE! everything you want in an end of year movie. I laughed and cried. I loved this film. Currently £10 at Amazon.

new years eve film




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