So how much did I save with Moneyhub ?

Do you remember last month I told you about the new Moneyhub app and the Moneyhub challenge I was undertaking to try and reduce my grocery bill.

Just to recap I have been spending way too much on groceries and the goal was to reduce that spend from £619 – £550.


The Moneyhub app shows me exactly what I have been spending my money on by syncing my accounts and categorising my spending.

I have to say a target is always useful because it keep you mindful and I think setting a target gave me a focus that I hadn’t had before. Being able to check regularly in the app how much I had been spending kept me on track too and I used up many more leftovers than usual to make things go that bit further. I also bought more home brand food and tried to just pop to the shops less than normal.

So how did I get on?

april spend


I did it!!


Only just – but I did it and I really think it’s because I was able to monitor how I was getting on and adjust my behaviour accordingly. I am so delighted.

I do really like the Moneyhub app it is a great way to check your finances and see how your monthly spend is going. It is a really useful tool to for setting targets and analysing spending.

It gets a big thumbs up from me!




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