The No Junk Campaign is coming soon…

no junk campaign

Next week Organix is launching the No Junk Campaign. As the name suggests, it’s all about healthy food – and healthy children, something I know we all believe in

It’s a week of finding out what’s in our food and tucking into simple meals made with real ingredients. There will be loads of contests, prizes, and ways to share your kitchen adventures.

What it’s really about, though, is starting a food revolution. Organix is calling for the government and the food industry to do their part. That means tough controls on salt, fat, sugar and artificial additives in what our little ones eat.

I’m right behind the campaign and will be blogging more about it next week – that’s why I’ve already signed the online pledge:

“I pledge to eat and feed my family only real ingredients I can recognise or spell.”

Join in and sign the pledge too:


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