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My daughter is an artist. She is 5  years old (today – Happy birthday baby!) and she loves nothing more than to create things, pictures, models, cards, practical items and jewellery. She is happiest sat at the kitchen table being an artist. When she is a big lady she wants to teach arts and crafts too. So we like to encourage her. many times we use bits and bobs, we use  recycling for crafts and we use our imagination. Sometimes a treat of some sophisticated craft and art goodies are just the ticket.

She absolutley was in crafting heaven when her toucanBox arrived with her name on no less!

toucan box


Project 1 – Bird Feeder

This month’s first craft project features materials and simple instructions to build your own bird feeder. Build it together, hang it out in the garden, and encourage your child to learn and draw the different birds that visit. Bird food included!

We loved this, here is the feeder Annalise made almost all by herself

toucan box

Project 2 – Toucan Family

Experiment with various materials with this hands-on activity, fostering your child’s creativity and fine motor skills.

We still have this to do.

Project 3 – Bird Glider

Construct and colour a graceful bird glider and discover the principles of aerodynamics.

This was great fun and it flew lots of time but unfortunately big brother was a bit rough and it didnt survive to be phtographed!

Project 4 – Peacock Collage

Create a beautiful peacock collage using colourful paper sheets and a glitter shaker.

How gorgeous is Annalises’s peacock!

toucan box

Book – “Dazzle Duckling”

The charming little tale of a duck who doesn’t want to get wet.

Lovely book . good size and quality and related well to the boxDazzle Duckling

How it works

The toucanBox is different every month but packed full of crafts, activities a book and colouring based around one theme each time.  For each activity everything you need will be included that’s the beauty of toucanBox- who has 30 lollysticks lying about to make a bird feeder! You can buy it as one off or on six monthly or yearly subsriptions. It costs from £16.95 per month. You find out more about the toucanBox on their website.

Our thoughts

Well this isn’t the absolute cheapest way to craft but its not bad value at all really when you consider all you get. As well as all the above, a pad of couloured paper and lots of pictures of birds to colour were also included as well as glue, glitter etc. These items are not cheap to buy individually and it is lovely to start a project and know you have all the bits She made a bird book out of these. A toucanBox is a gorgeous treat, hours of pleasure. I would love to be able to afford it and if soemone bought it for my kids I would be delighted.

I have to say I think for a family who isn’t crafty this would REALLY help.


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  1. Rainbow Prams
    June 14, 2012 / 11:41 am

    What a great idea, I have to agree the price is rather high I think I’d purchase the one off. x

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