The perfect Father’s Day present (according to my kids)

My kids always have lots of gift ideas when it comes to themselves and can literally have me spending virtual thousands on Lego within moments of being asked!

my family -Tesco

If I ask them to make a list it goes on for pages and pages with o thought for expense..

When it comes to what we should but for other people they are equally enthusiastic so I knew they would love to be asked for their Father’s Day ideas.

So what did they say –

Beer and chocolate and a takeaway were voted popular choices for dad . They also suggested  a big new chair for the garden as he likes to  read the paper out there. Hmm I can’t see all this being very beneficial to me in the long run though – it sounds way too relaxing for dad!  He might just get too comfortable,

But oh yes they certainly know what he likes.But then they started to think about what THEY would actually like him to have.

They suggested roller skates so he could skate with Lise and a football goal for the garden so they could take him on at football  .I personally like these ideas as I am imagining lots of relax time for me as he entertains the kids and transforms from relaxed dad into sporty dad.

 perfect Father’s Day present

There are lot of ideas for Sporty Dads over on the Tesco fathers day gift guide. He may not be one at the moment but the kids and I are all set to change that this Fathers  day – what a great plan!



  1. May 6, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    This is a really sweet thing to ask the kids – I’m definitely going to do this for my birthday 😉
    To be fair though my daughter did say the other day when she is older she is going to buy her daddy lots of hats and tops, bless!

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