Pop Chef Review

I have this friend called Liz who is such a cool mum. She makes her daughter the most amazing lunch boxes with pretty shapes and and even themes. Jealous..me? well yes I am ! At least I was. I now have a secret weapon to emulate her funky fruit and stylish sandwiches.

My secret weapon ?…well I have been been reviewing Pop Chef. (£9.99 from Character Options)


With Pop chef you can create easy shapes from your favourite foods. Its simple and speedy and easy to clean. You literally just  push, pop and eat.It  includes 6 fun shape cutters for you to make stars, hearts and other simple shapes.

This is what we have made so far ….

Star cucumber

Heart bread and butter

The kids loved their shaped food. The possibilities are endless take a look at how it works and what you can achiveve!

With a little ambition and practice my lunchboxes will also be awesome!


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