Post Pregnancy Toning

Post pregnancy toning

Looking after your self post pregnancy is often the last thing on your mind as you cuddle your new born and try to get to grips with your new life.

Battling your baby weight may be top of your list of concerns ( I know I had expected my tummy just to disappear after having my baby whereas the reality was I was in my maternity clothes still for quite some time.)The eye bags form lack of sleep may bother you too. But these are just cosmetic and won’t last forever (though it can feel like forever i know!)

Other health and fitness issues do need addressing though and pelvic toning after the stresses of pregnancy is really important.

Uncomfortable to talk about I know but it is an important issue.

Don’t be embarrassed about this. Your pelvic floor has taken a lot of strain during pregnancy and birth and the muscles have been stretched. Toning them is important for your physical heath and wellbeing both now and in the future. has a fantastic range of Kegel balls which are designed to regain strength in your pelvic floor muscles. The bestselling Lelo beads are comfortable and discreet – they create a more focused pelvic floor exercise and can be used during a normal exercise routine to increase health benefits, recover from childbirth and even increase a woman’s pleasure!

Lelo Luna Pelvic Floor Exercising Beads
Currently priced at £28.24


Prisms Asvani Glass Ben Wa Kegel Balls Currently priced at £9.27

Prisms Asvani Glass Ben Wa Kegel Balls


Swoon Get a Grip Toning Balls
Currently priced at £13.30



Looking after yourself in regard to your continence and your sex life really matters because you matter so don’t neglect yourself or this area of your health and wellbeing post pregnancy. it is just as  important as that tummy (if not more so!)!



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