Review: Arbonne Make Up Makeover

I am a creature of habit when it comes to make up. I like to wear a little foundation to even out my skin tone, pink sweet sizzle Boots lippie and a light bronzer. Oh and a black mascara. I wear this everyday and If I am going out VERY occasionally I add a tiny bit of black eyeliner and maybe a teeny bit of pale pink blush and gloss.

It has been like this since I was 16 . That’s 25 years ago folks!..time for a change perhaps.

Recently I attended the amazing MAD blog awards and the wonderful make up artist made me look my best , very healthy and natural just how I like make up to be. She used Arbonne products and they lasted all evening and I thought they were great.

Becky Goddard-Hill

She sent me away with a primer which I have used ever since. This is to even out my skin so when I apply foundation it looks really smooth. I think this has knocked a few years off me actually and I look much younger when I used it.

It also helps your make up stay in place. RRP £25

I loved the Arbonne products she used but these did not stray too far form my usual colours. Since then I have been sent a few Arbonne samples to use. The berry blush looked way too dark for me but its a rich, warm, creamy colour. There are 8 to choose from I love this one thought would never have chose it!  (RRP £19)

They also sent me a grey eye pencil. I always feel blue looks a bit 80’s and black is a bit dark for me but stuck in a rut me had never tried grey. It set off my eyes well. It is a lovely eye pencil and swivels up, glides on lightly and won’t need sharpening. High quality and easy to apply. I was pleased with the look I could create at home. But I put it all down to the products.

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These may not cost as little as my usual products but the quality makes them a much better investment in to ME!

All Arbonne products are available through a network of Arbonne Independent consultants. Visit or call 0800 97705721 to locate your nearest consultant and purchase products.






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