Review: Emotion Pets

Emotion pets are a really successful range  of cute, cuddly and interactive soft toys.

There are some exciting new additions in 2013 tp the Emotion Pets range, including Sugar the Seal, a Little Cuddles collection and two very cheeky monkeys.

We were sent one of the monkeys to review.

  In our house he is called ‘Monkey’ Anything you put near their mouth they make crunching sounds as if they are eating it…they are very cute. They also hang upside down by their tail from arms, rails just about anywhere really and then  they fall asleep. They also make realistic monkey sounds when petted or tickled. He is able to roll out his tail and he has special interlocking hands and feet so he can hang from your arm.

I think you can tell from the picture Annalise loves her emotion pet  monkey. He has been her show and tell at school. She walks around with him locked onto and swinging form her arm and he sleeps upside down in her room.

He is a big hit.

I think we will get her the pony for her birthday.

The emotion pet money is available from Amazon at £34.99



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