Review: Frankie & Benny’s, Nottingham

Over the Easter holidays  we went for a family  meal at Frankie and Benny’s for the purpose of reviewing the restautnt (it’s a hard life!)I have been before but not for a long while. It is a New york Italian style diner chain that prides itself on being warm and welcoming.

From the moment we arrived the staff were warm and attentive despite being super busy. The place was packed!  I loved the decor lots of fablous, black and white photos everywhere full of charcter and it felt really cosy too.

The children had the kids menu and it was exceptionally good value, a  desert,  drink and main meal from £3.95. There were lots of options and free apples and vegetable side dishes were included so healthy too.

We did have a bit of a problem though. My kids are vegetarian and there was only one dish  on the kids menu they could eat – a margarita pizza. Unimaginative and limited at best. They weren’t over excited by this so we ordered doughballs for them and some pasta which would have really pushed the prize up.

We found the main menu limiting too and had few options. We chose a calzone pizza and a goats cheese wrap both of which we did not particualy enjoy. The cheese wrap had way to much onion and the calzone wasn’t very tasty. I have to say we were disappointed in the food overall. The salad on the side was limp and didn’t seem fresh that day either. The doughballs were very hard and too brown. We are not that fussy but we do expect fresh and cooked (unless I cook that is – not my forte!)

The kids colouring packs were fab, the mini hot chocs they had were lovely touches too. My son spilt his drink everywhere and the staff mopped up quickly with no fuss at all.

Overall our view is great staff and fun, warm, relaxed venue and a child friendly but place the food could have been better.









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