Review: Sew Simple Fabric Glue

The problem with sewing

I know as a good budgeter I should be a nifty sew-er. But I really am not  I am simply not a seamstress/sew-er or whatever the word maybe (what is the word anyone know?)

Even if I sew on a button it doesn’t ever look’s either too tight or I’ve used too much thread or it looks weird somehow.Or and this is mostly the case it just falls off pretty much straight away. Patches never look neat and I don’t even want to tell you what happened when I sewed my son’s cub badges on.

Okay I will.

He got really cross because they were SO rubbish and kept saying Akela would tell him off and he refused to go to cubs! He then made me ring his Gran (my MIL) and ask her do it instead. They were all taken off and sewn back on neatly by Gran. The shame. It was really bad though.

My excuses/reasons are that I don’t have a steady hand and I tend to rush things. I am not a perfectionist (c’mon I know you spot my spelling mistakes!) and its not good to be slapdash when you are sewing.  I never passed my sewing badge at brownies and at school I snapped the sewing machine needle a fair few times. I have HIDEOUS memories of needlework classes. I was petrified of the teacher and completly incompetent.

Needlework and driving a manual car ar eskilsl that have forever eluded me.

The solution!

So needless to say I was utterly delighted to be sent a pack of  Bostik’s Sew Simple Fabric Adhesive which came with the promise that it would make clothes repairs easy. I had high hopes indeed

Basically this fabric glue is perfect for all those sewing jobs that save you a fortune in replacing clothes or other ripped fabric. Its also great for decoration and alteration…  so for hems that have come down , turn ups, labels in school clothes, CUB BADGES!!! and patches .

Easy to use

What is most fabulous about this fabric glue is that is really neat and easy to apply. I have tried wonder web stuff and got myself in an awful tangle but this really simple to use.

And it dries in mere minutes so if you rush round and leave your self little time to do such jobs this is just perfect for you.

It comes with a spreader nozzle which makes life much easier and allows you to direct the glue. Really all you do is spread a fine thread of glue to each of the surfaces to be joined and spread it about with the spreader nozzle. You then wait for a minute then you can  press the two together and  that’s  it! Of course it goes without saying it’s a really strong glue keep it way from kids, protect surfaces and wash off yourself immediately.

Oh I am no longer daunted by cub badges…bring it on.

 Money saving

This glue could save me a small fortune in replacing school trousers!  I am a ig believer in make do and mend its just my mending has always been rubbish. I am going to have a go at making bunting with this glue too and even making some simple dolly clothes. OOh a whole new hobby!

School labels

School labels have always been a bit of problem for me too. When I sew them in they rip out. When I hot iron stickers on they have ended upcoming off. This glue has proved really really strong and it withstands both hot washing  and ironing and the material stays flexible. It retails in shops and online at amazon for £3.57.

Time saving  

The time it has saved me sewing on badges, sticking hem back up  repairing a knee patch would have been worth at least a tenner and I have hardly used any!

I really am impressed and highly recommend Sew Simple this new improved version (well okay I never tried the old one) but this really is tip top. All you need in your sewing box so you can banish those needles with too tiny holes and all those cotton reels that need to be just the right colour. this really will do it all. crafting mending and alterations. It’s fabulous.

A huge massive baby budgeting thumbs up to this time efficient, stress free and money saving product!

This was a sponsored review post but my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.



  1. Angus
    March 8, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Any ideas on how to get the glue off clothes if it spills? Thanks

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