Review: The London Eye (It’s ever so High!!)

Mostly in our family it’s me that arranges what we do usually based on what the children what to do. My poor husband rarely gets a look in on decision making. But he really wanted to go on the london Eye. I don’t like being in small trapped in spaces and I am terrified of heights. The London Eye and the mere thought of it makes me panic a bit.

I’ve not been on the channel tunnel yet either. I’m not a very brave sort of person am I!

Going to London for a special day out was written on a piece of paper/voucher from J for my 40th birthday. No matter that I am now 41 we got there in the end. We had the trains booked we just had to decide what to do. Well the lovely people at gave me London Eye tickets and J was over the moon.

Its so simple I just had to ring up with the voucher and book our time slot. Job done. Cuts out loads of queuing when you get there and it is all sorted. Lisi has been studying London at school and was ecstatic about me and J going on the eye and excited to hear all about it. Frankie wanted to know how he could make daddy poorly so he could come with me instead???!!?? Nice.

J was all chirpy and excited (like it was a big football match or something) and I, well I was praying for fog, ice or a train breakdown to interfere.

No such luck.

My first thought sof the Eye were…, it’s high! really really high! We exchanged our voucher for our tickets, there were no queues and before I could say NO!!!! we were in our glass capsule. I sat down and closed my eyes. What was I thinking?

London eye review

Looking up made me shake with fear we were going up there. j was bounding about saying wow and everyone else (except a perspiring man to my left) was moving around and smiling. Weirdos.

I was just starting to feel better (it goes super slowly and is so steady you can barely tell you are moving.) I even managed a scenic photo.


Such a beautiful clear view and  you really could see all of London. I adored that bit!

Suddenly J said ‘look we are almost at the top.’ I panicked all over again but only for a few seconds as I realised theat meant we were now on our way down.


He loved it and was buizzing . I loved it too and I didn’t cry but I breathed one MASSIVE sigh of relief when we touched the ground.

I am delighted I went on the London eye its an expeirence not to be missed. Its nothing like as scary as a big wheel but I won’t be doing it again!!!



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