How to Save Money with High Street Huddle

Being a parent can be a costly business  but there is away to reduce these costs simply by coming together with others online who want to purchase the same things.

I love people power.

Have a watch this video and see how you could save money on your essential parenting purchase through a bit of people power. It’s such a great money saving concept!

Isn’t that fabulous?

High Street Huddle isn’t trying to be a social network. What it does is to use the internet to cleverly pull together the fact that many parents shop online (because its easier with a little one) and are after the best deals (baby budgeting no less!) and by pulling together they can get better deals.

Basically High Street Huddle it is a response to the question:

‘why, in our connected world, can we not group together as customers to use our purchasing power to demand better prices?’

I like that it is ethical UK company standing up for new parents, giving control of prices and group size (price sliders) on big brand essentials. It can get prices lower than the likes of Amazon so you really can get some good deals. Examples of big brands you can purchase for less include Philips Avent and Bambino Mio.

It was actually set up by a doctor, Chris Whittle, who founded the unique group buying system after treating injuries caused by mass hysteria on Black Friday sales! I think that is really funny. basically it says how much people like a bargain! You can find out more by taking a look at their about page

If you tell a friend about  the great deals you find their ‘expand my huddle’ feature allows you to earn £1 credit per successful referral and the referred person gets assigned speedier dispatch – a win-win!

Well worth exploring.





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