Simple ideas for a rich life –August

simple ideas for a rich life

Simple ideas for a rich life this month are exactly that simple, ordinary things you can do to make this month matter and memory making. Have a wonderful time x

We have just spent the weekend in Wales with some old and much loved friends of ours. My children’s days this summer have been friend filled too.


I’ve needed my friends more than ever this year. It is so worth making a quick phone call, remembering a birthday, sending a little postcard. Keep up with your friends new and old. They can make your life so immeasurably happier and you only need to do small things to nurture important friendships and they are so worth the investment.

This morning after dropping my son at tennis I stopped the car by a little canal near us and my daughter and I  took an impromptu walk. Just 10 minutes in the sunshine, foraging for berries. We came back to the car having talked and held hands, admired the beautiful scenery, been pricked by thorns, kissed it better, and all sticky from berries that were over spilling our hands. The magic you can have in just 10 minutes of summer is amazing.

Stop the car more I say and forage!



I take many, many photos and I love capturing memories but many of these photos lay unseen by those that would love them  languishing on Instagram or just hidden in my computer.

This month I have had my entire Instagram feed printed out. This involved lots of photos of what we have been up to this summer, all of which have been copied for those involved or popped in a scrapbook for the kids. They are so lovely to hold, pass around and preserve. My advice is to keep printing photographs out they are such gifts particular when you or your kids are older.


Passing on stories
I took my children to see a house where I used to live the other day and started telling them about my life then. A few days ago we visited a steam train museum and I told them about my granddad’s job.

Taking time to pass on family stories is a really important and useful way to preserve them. It helps children learn about the past, their family history and their and the cultural background of their lives.

My kids love to hear about my dad who they never met and be reminded of things they did as younger children with my mum when she was alive.

Why not tell your children some true stories visit some old haunts, bring their history alive, they will be enchanted and the tales will live on. My own mum was a wonderful storyteller and told me often of our family history which is wy I cam pass on stories now. Keeping them alive is a precious gift to the next generation.

kids andme 2014


Happy August everyone



  1. August 22, 2014 / 10:55 am

    You’re so right about friends. We neglect our friends so much these days by only having fleeting online conversations and texts. Just a few minutes can make such a difference to a friend’s day, and it repays you in so many ways.
    Helen Actually… recently posted..Ideas for a day out in London with kids: Freaky RivetMy Profile

  2. August 22, 2014 / 11:03 am

    You really do make me want to be a better mother. This is so lovely and has made me even more determined to get my photos in order!
    Kate Takes 5 (@KateTakes5) recently posted..Extreme ParentingMy Profile

  3. August 23, 2014 / 8:19 am

    Some lovely things there – I especially agree with the one about telling stories. There’s so much that I remember from my two grandmothers from stories that they used to tell us about when they were little.

    As Kate says – reading this really makes me want to be a better mother too!
    Penny Carr recently posted..Barefoot walk at National Trust GodolphinMy Profile

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