Simple Ideas for a Rich Life – April

Well Spring is most definitely here, the children are out of school and Easter is almost upon us. Life is rich with colour and hope and freshness. I love April. Her are some simple ideas to enrich your life this month.

Spring Clean your life

Having a sort out is so cathartic. I suggest you grab a bin liner, give yourself an hour and whizz around your house charity bagging anything you no longer want. Have a rubbish bag too and throw any unusable tat away. You will feel great. Clearing out your handbag, make up bag, home or  Facebook account it is all the same principle. If our life is filled with quality and good stuff we will feel happy. If it is carrying dead weight and full of clutter and rubbish we will feel drained.

Ready to start clearing?…its well worth making time for. It will give you back many beautiful hours, whether in your home or in your social time.

Look at the Flowers

Flowers are starting to fill our world again and I am sure their vivid colours, sweet smells and re-emergence make us all a good chunk happier. I am a big believer in encouraging children to stop, pause, look, see the world around them and for  them to be aware of the amazing miracle of nature that flowers show off so well. Equipping kids with cameras, magnifying glasses and flower presses for fallen flowers will help them pay closer attention to creations best works of art.

Get Creative

Being crafty doenst take too much skill or too mnay bits and bobs. You will always have something to hand. Crafting with children is a simple  delightful pleasure and they love to show off the results.

Eggs are so much fun in all their glory and egg decorating is a tradition as old as the hills. Whether they are sponge painted like these and made to look like a n exotic birds nest  or made to look like batman or  filled with seeds, just having a go is great fun. The eggs cab n ube used later and your children (and you will have so much fun being creatibe. My good friend Maggy at Red Ted Art always has a wealth of ideas for decorating eggs

Write a letter

I love to get mail yet I am sad to say most of my mail is about formal stuff; hospital appointments or bank statements or library book reminders..oops. The absolute pleasure I get when receiving a real letter is immense. To hear form an old frined or faraway relative is a treat. The best chance you have of getting a letter is to send one. It may seem like a faff when you can so easily write an email or update facebook. But you will feel wonderful when you have posted you hand written letter knowing you are sending someone such a special treat. Such  a simple thing.


I wish you a beautiful month full of simple ideas for a rich life



  1. April 19, 2014 / 11:44 am


    It really is the simple things isn’t it? Hanging washing on the line is one of my favourites too. Seeing towels blowing in the wind….
    Mummy Barrow recently posted..Ranty Friday — ApproachesMy Profile

  2. April 19, 2014 / 12:19 pm

    I’ve just spent the whole week spring cleaning and clearing out! Doing the house from top to bottom, it’s hard work but will be worth it!
    Liz Burton recently posted..The Gruffalo Trail at Salcey ForestMy Profile

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  4. April 19, 2014 / 8:07 pm

    Beautiful post Becky – I am a huge believer in the power of flowers – now to write a letter ! xx
    Mammasaurus recently posted..People PortraitsMy Profile

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